Daily Archives: December 10th, 2010

Hyppo and Critter: Trekkies

I like my new boss. He’s actually a nice guy.

Does that mean he’s free of flaws? Hails no!

One thing he does is typically boss-like. It’s tossing complicated tasks at me like darts at a board, then giving me no time or suitable environment to get them done. Then, proving he’s completely clueless to what is entailed, asking ridiculously soon, “Did you get that task done yet?”

“Um. No. But I’ve had almost enough time to think about it, though.”

We talked about this yesterday. I told him you can’t give me a four-hour task every single day and then only one hectic hour of time per shift to work on them. (Hectic means that in addition to working on the task, you also have to concurrently answer phones and respond to all new commands that get barked in your direction every three minutes.) By the end of the week that means nothing gets done and it leaves me angry and stressed. As these undone tasks accumulate they begin to act like an immense crushing weight. That’s because I’m responsible and want to do a good job. Apparently my subconscious doesn’t give a shit it’s not my fault. So I get a little irritated when I’m prevented from actually getting things done by my boss and circumstances that are utterly beyond my control.

In closing, I’d like to share a poop joke. If you like that sort of thing, click the link to make the jump and boldly go…
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