Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant!

The scene opens with Marcia, the oldest daughter of the Brady Bunch, looking worried and stressed as she walks into the living room. Her parents, Carol and Mike, notice her distressed state and ask her what’s wrong.

Marcia hesitates before admitting that she might be pregnant. Her parents are taken aback by the news and try to comfort her, but they’re clearly worried themselves.

Just then, Greg, the oldest son, enters the room and notices the tense atmosphere. He asks what’s going on, and Marcia blurts out that she might be pregnant.

Greg’s eyes widen in shock, and he exclaims, “Whoa, man, that’s not groovy at all!”

Mike and Carol exchange a concerned look, unsure how to explain the birds and the bees to their children. Before they can say anything, Jan, another Brady daughter, walks in with a package of pregnancy tests.

“I got these at the pharmacy,” Jan says excitedly. “Let’s find out for sure!”

The family gathers around as Marcia takes the test, and they wait anxiously for the results. Finally, the test shows a negative result, and everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

Greg looks around, confused, and asks, “So wait, Marcia’s not pregnant? Then what’s the big deal?”

The family shares an awkward laugh and Carol tries to explain the situation to Greg, but they all agree that it’s better to wait until he’s a little older to have that conversation.

The scene ends with the family hugging and Marcia looking relieved that her pregnancy scare was just a false alarm, and Greg saying, “Phew, man, that’s groovy news!”

Bringeth forth thy pith and vinegar

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