Feeling royally flushed

Drats. One of my oft-repeated laments – that I’ve never had a royal flush – was cruelly taken from me this afternoon in Texas Holdem in PokerStars.net. I only won $6,400 on the hand.

The first royal flush of my life in any sort of game happened to be in diamonds.

I’m now about $4,000 away from breaking the $2 million mark in my PokerStars.net account. I’m talking about play money, of course. 🙂

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  1. I’m sorry I don’t have an appropriate card for this occasion. I’ll make this one work. These girls are saluting you in their excitement over your great achievement (it’s synchronized swimming.) I need to make some cards for online play poker — Congratulations on winning your latest imaginary pot of dough!


  2. I know, this was the lamest post ever. 🙂 But I do often tell people I’ve never had a royal flush in my life. That streak has ended. And play dough is nothing special because people play differently with real money. Still, it has been a bit of fun patiently growing $1k in play money all the way up to $2 million. 🙂

    Thanks for the card!


  3. Counter Culture Clown | Reply

    2 mil in fake bucks, huh? Wow, you can have one hell of a fake hooker party with that kinda funding.


    1. Good point. Maybe I can go into Second Life and spend that money at the RNC’s virtual headquarters. 🙂


  4. Congratulations! 🙂
    Still waiting for my first Royal Flush.
    Or even straight flush haha.


    1. Thanks! Too bad it wasn’t at a casino with two quarters for the BMW convertible. 🙂

      I checked out your blog. It looks very interesting. I’ll be back to read more!


  5. For the teeniest second, I thought you won REAL money – I was hoping for you! 🙂


    1. I think I felt that hope. 🙂

      I once tried the real money thing. I didn’t much like the pressure. The most I ever won on a single hand was $30 or so. But overall I lost $150. It was a little science experiment, I guess, and one I’m not likely to repeat, although I think my game has improved since then.


    2. Counter Culture Clown | Reply

      No, you were hoping for YOU. ’cause everyone knows it’s a rule that if someone gets rich, their blog roll gets a share…

      You did know that right? That’s why I stay nice and poverty…y.


      1. If I win the lotto you all get a piece!


  6. Yeah, that would’ve been.. awesome.

    Thanks man, appreciate it! 🙂


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