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Fukushima #reblog

Today’s regurgitation reblog is served up by the WordPress “random post” feature. Back onĀ July 24, 2011, I posted an “Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge” that was a photograph of the Fukushima nuclear reactor. It was also a Sunday.

This morning, while looking for an updated photograph, I found this news scarcely four hours old:
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Political Hobgoblins #comic


Hyppo and Critter: The Super-Genius

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Hyppo and Critter: A fresh serving of hate

I doubt the subject line will bring many folks to my blog. Consider yourself the few. The proud. The whatevers.

Once you start formulating headlines that have nothing at all to do with attracting visitors, perhaps the time has come to ask yourself, “Why do I blog?”

No. I’m not going to answer that question. That’s another thing wrong around here. So be it.

For those of you who want this comic explained, be foolish and keep reading after the break. Beware. Beyond the comic there be dragons.

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Hyppo and Critter: I feel Great!

Hyppo and Critter: Dealing with loss

Hyppo and Critter: The Dead Bowl

The Office Space Gambit

If I had to pick ten of my favorite movies of all time, no doubt the juggernaut known as Office Space would make the cut. For some strange reason it didn’t enjoy critical or commercial success during its theater run, but since then, it has developed the proverbial “cult” following and status.

Jeepers I love that movie!
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