Hyppo and Critter: Dealing with loss

2 responses

  1. Eerie coincidence. Maybe this cartoon pertains to something in the news, but in my self-involved world I think it pertains to me. 😉 I thought my yahoo email account was hijacked today. My password wouldn’t work, I kept getting the same page over and over asking me for my password, which I’d supply, but it made no difference. I finally was able to change my password, which also didn’t work. Then, “magically” an hour later the new password worked. I’d been banging my head against a wall, thinking that I didn’t have paper (not tape) back up of contacts, etc. I run my highly lucrative (that’s a joke) business out of my yahoo account. I thought, seriously, “Game over.” 😦


    1. Nothing from the news that I’m aware of. This little cartoon tells the story of the guy who religiously used his tape backup system for years. Then, one day, the shit hit the fan and he lost all of his day.

      Finally, he thought! Now this backup will save my bacon.

      Only the backups didn’t work.

      Ooops. 🙂

      What else you got, my friend?

      And no, it wasn’t me. Just a random thought.

      Sounds like Yahoo may have had some gremlins, but I’m glad it all worked out!


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