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Fukushima #reblog

Today’s regurgitation reblog is served up by the WordPress “random post” feature. Back on July 24, 2011, I posted an “Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge” that was a photograph of the Fukushima nuclear reactor. It was also a Sunday.

This morning, while looking for an updated photograph, I found this news scarcely four hours old:
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Old Man Gauntlet

Image Credit: la vaca vegetariana (Flickr)

I guess I should preface this “post” with another one of my famous “laws.”

Tom’s Law #42
It can be difficult to defeat someone who has totally given up and utterly couldn’t give a shit less.

Pithy as always, eh?

And, bonus, I just found a way to work in today’s random song. Writer’s block has been defeated. It turns out there will be a post today. I win. You lose. Click the jump to suffer further.
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My Olympic Movement

Image Source: Poop The World Blog

Always eager in my quest to be a furry little lemming, I’ve decided to microblog the Olympics. I have my microbeer in hand. I am microready! (That sounds suspiciously like popcorn. Oh well, such is my fate.) Grab your butter flavoring. It’s go time.

This is my Olympic movement. Or, as I sometimes like to call it, a Movement for the Common Man.

I’m sure most of my reader have evacuated by now. Looks like it’s just gonna be you and me.

So, what is/are the Olympics? Perhaps the simplest definition (and the one found in the Demotivational Dictionary) is: an average throng observing and celebrating the spectacle of their own outliers.

Wikipedia says, “In statistics, an outlier is an observation that is numerically distant from the rest of the data. Grubbs defined an outlier as: An outlying observation, or outlier, is one that appears to deviate markedly from other members of the sample in which it occurs.”

In other words, the Olympics are the sporting version of the universe telling you, “On the bell curve you’re the dingle dangle that hangs down on the bottom. The cling clang thingie that gives the bell it’s special sound.”

Yes, without the average, the outliers would have nothing to outlie from to set themselves apart. Think about it. That’s perhaps the deepest thing I’ve ever said. It’s an outlier of thought.

In other other words, the Olympics are all about watching the select few who have won something known as the DNA Lotto.
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Going for the Gold!

Ever want to make a negativity guru feel positive and ruin his day? This is your big chance. If you like the above tweet then I hope you’ll consider retweeting it to your followers.

Just like everyone else, I hope someday to be a proud sponsor of the American dream.

This tweet is my dream. Won’t you help it live on?

Short Story: Oops #BlogShorts

by Tom B. Taker

The quest to be the best. In the world. All day – every day – since the age of seven.

The Olympics were here.

The night before, he had the local chili.

This post is part of the BlogShorts challenge. June 2011 – 30 stories – 30 words – 30 days.

Lago my pig-o

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=scotty+lago&iid=7886829″ src=”c/9/c/2/Olympic_Preview_027e.jpg?adImageId=10537051&imageId=7886829″ width=”234″ height=”331″ /]

The amount of training and determination and effort it takes to win Olympic gold can be legendary. Michael Phelps reportedly swam 36 hours a day every day for 27 years to reach Olympic greatness at the summer games just two years ago. After that much effort you’d think these athletes would have mastered the art of self-discipline. Surprisingly some haven’t.

Scotty Lago won bronze in the Vancouver winter games in the men’s “half-pipe” competition. (Biting my tongue here, so many obvious ways to go on this one. Must restrain myself and go for the classy subtle humor. Must try to avoid the easy way out with obvious half-pipe humor.)

After the win, WMUR Channel 9 summed it up nicely when they said Lago’s home town of Seabrook, New Hampshire, was “bursting with pride” following Lago’s performance on the half-pipe. “Lago’s name can be seen everywhere in town, and his posters line the walls of Town Hall,” Channel 9 reported. Poor Seabrook. How quickly fortunes can change. Instead of confetti and a parade down main street Lago will now likely find crickets when he deplanes back in his home town. AWKWARD!

Even though Lago reportedly attended a USOC “Ambassador Program” designed to assist athletes maintain acceptable conduct and be on their best behavior while the Olympics are still in progress, Lago couldn’t resist the urge to celebrate.

Lago went for the gold with his bronze … Lago went massive before sticking the landing … Lago got his medal bronzed if you know what I mean … That’s probably the best bronze job Lago ever had … Lago flipped the medal and quipped, “Call it in the air. Heads or tails?”

Geez. Do I have no shame? 🙂

Long story short, while out interacting with the fans, two pictures were taken of Lago with a young woman helping him celebrate his bronze medal performance in the half-pipe competition. Of course the pictures were published on the web site TMZ. (I have thoughtfully provided a direct link for those of you sick enough to look.)

In the first image Lago lifts his Team USA shirt, holds his bronze medal against the bulge in his pants and the beautiful woman kneels in front of Lago with her face in crotch and tries to kiss the medal while some others are seen standing and watching. I can only assume Lago shouted, “You’ve see the half-pipe. Now check out the whole thing!”  Then the young lady comes up for air and stands in front of Lago rewards the fan’s efforts by placing the bronze medal in her mouth. Now that is one well-trained snowboarding fan.

“Lago apologized to the U.S. Ski, Snowboard Association and with the U.S. Olympics Committee and decided to go back home.”