Lazy tweeting on a Sunday Afternoon: The Hunger Games Edition #thg

Just a few select tweets about some new movie called The Hunger Games. Some funny and some sad.

From yours truly:

And from random peeps:

And, finally, some Americans went out of their way to prove they could do two things at once by not reading and actually comprehending words in the book and by showing racism about the character of Rue being black. (You know, as originally written in the book.) George Takei rode in FTW:

For more on the racist response to The Hunger Games, there are a couple of websites dedicated to preserving the douchebaggery for posterity. Long may they have to live with the consequences of their words. Welcome to 2012 in America, folks. 😦

40 Racist Tweets from Hunger Games Fans Against Black Casting

And: “This Tumblr page will expose the Hunger Games fans on Twitter who dare to call themselves fans yet don’t know a damn thing about the books.” Well said!

Hunger Games Tweets

Finally a little bonus humor to balance out the hate. Enjoy!

5 responses

  1. I’m hungry for news about The Hunger Games. Actually, no, but this post is very entertaining. I might just see the movie so I can get your jokes!


    1. Well, your intrepid correspondent embedded himself in a movie theater last night. Here’s my eyewitness report.


      More details tonight at 11 on Action Central news.

      I’m happy to report there were only three asshole mishaps in the theater, too. (A new record.)

      1. An phone call (replete with ring tone) one row behind me.

      2. A glowingly blinding iPhone one row in front of me as some asshole checked her messages. (Addict much?)

      3. The general sounds of audience gnoshing and nom nom nom all over the place for the first half of the movie. This sounded much like pigs cooking half their bodies and eating pork rinds of themselves. (Use your imagination.)

      The movie itself was awesome. I defy any human on Earth to watch that movie and not fall head over heels in love with Jennifer Lawrence. Don’t miss the amazing closeup over her lips!


      1. So you were hungry for Jennifer’s lips, eh? Did you see her in “Winter’s Bone”?


      2. Of course. Good movie. I never saw the X-Men thingy, though.


  2. After seeing “The Hunger Games,” just so I could converse with you (when normally I wait for the DVD), I’ve become aware of the U.N.’s “Agenda 21.” I told my daughter after seeing the movie with her that we were all going to be herded into tenements or gulags or restricted zones.

    I saw this story today: Planners in California want to herd millions into densely packed urban corridors. It won’t save the planet but will make traffic even worse.
    Metropolitan area governments are adopting plans that would require most new housing to be built at 20 or more to the acre, which is at least five times the traditional quarter acre per house. State and regional planners also seek to radically restructure urban areas, forcing much of the new hyperdensity development into narrowly confined corridors. In San Francisco and San Jose, for example, the Association of Bay Area Governments has proposed that only 3% of new housing built by 2035 would be allowed on or beyond the “urban fringe”—where current housing ends and the countryside begins. Over two-thirds of the housing for the projected two million new residents in these metro areas would be multifamily—that is, apartments and condo complexes—and concentrated along major thoroughfares such as Telegraph Avenue in the East Bay and El Camino Real on the Peninsula.


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