Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Meathooks on my Facebooks – Tonight’s Top 10 List

I’ve been disturbed for quite some time and now I have to speak out. And there’s something bothering me, too. But, like always, that’s another story.

Whatever. I shall not be diverted from my quixotic quest!

Grab some popcorn because little Tommy is about to count to ten again. And grab The Belt, too, because by the time I’m done, I just might need to be punished out behind the wood shed.
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Guru Comic: Do you love?

It’s time for another moving experience on a very special episode of Guru Comic. Click the linky thingie and drill in, won’t you?
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Goldman got Sachs

I’d be remiss in my duties as Chief Bellyacher if I failed to address the recent stylish resignation of former Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith.

I will not be remiss in my duties!

With one letter, Mr. Smith achieved hero cult status here in the Abyss and came within a hair’s breadth of dethroning Rob Corddry as being “chiseled from the clay of the Gods.” (Don’t worry, though. Corddry weathered the storm.)
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Termination Tuesday – The Spinal Four – Week 1 – Execution Conference

Let’s get ready to rumble!!
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Intersection of Idiots

Saturday morning I decided to get up early, go to the grocery store, and pick up some stuff to start the day, like coffee and bagels.

Rather than go to the neighborhood grocery store down on the corner, I did something unusual (for me) and went downtown to give a different store a try. They have slightly better bagels.

If you know anything about my luck by now, you know that’s the exact moment when everything took a turn for the worse.
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T-shirt idea: Divide and Canker

This is about a t-shirt idea I worked up for a post earlier this week. I decided against using it. Then I changed my mind. Here it is! (Click to read more. You know you wanna. What has the super-freak done this time? You’ll only find out if you click. Unless you get off on denial.)
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How to Kill People

I normally love the men and women of law enforcement. (Seriously.) So when they speak and try to tell us something important, personally I feel we should listen.
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