Eat my camera, Congressman

Back in September 2009 I predicted shit like this was going to happen in my post Hidden camera politics in the new creepiness.

Sadly I was right. 😦

This wasn’t a hidden camera but it sure was an in-your-face camera. Lots of little James O’Keefe wannabes running around out there now. Cameras are cheap and everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame without having the prerequisite talent and/or putting in the work. Welcome to the 21st century.

Prepare yourself for a lot more of this sort of thing.

47 responses

  1. I’m much more disturbed by the Congressman’s behavior. He had no reason to grab the kid’s neck. That said, it’s not a good idea to confront people on the street. Okeefe has served a useful purpose that the media refuses to do, but has done in the past. The big media are owned by corporations who don’t want to ruffle feathers.

    When members of the media do ask members of Congress questions on the street, it’s ok, but not when a citizen does? I don’t get it.


    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I agree with you. The Congressman acted like a douche nozzle. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      Let’s see. Hmm. How, I wonder, would Sarah Palin describe this? “Gotcha” journalism, perhaps?

      The kid got his footage and his viral video of the week. Lucky for him he planned a two-camera shoot.

      And what the fuck is the “Obama agenda?” Talk about nebulous.

      This is steak without much sizzle.


      1. I agree that there are a lot of “freelancers” out there, some more skilled than others. (We are the skilled ones!) O’Keefe did expose that Mary Landrieu’s office telephones did work and were not out of order as she claimed, because she was dodging callers from irate constituents. She did later admit this. This is the sort of expose the media used to do. O’Keefe is doing gonzo journalism, in my opinion.

        Here’s what your favorite (ha, ha) website had to say about this video.
        Too many Congressmen and women are arrogantjerks who have contempt for citizens. Rep. Etheridge needs to go!!!


  2. How did I guess you would worked your Palin obsession into this?

    “And what the fuck is the “Obama agenda?” Talk about nebulous.”

    Not really. Its nationalizing everything, blaming others for his ineptness and playing friggin golf every other day.

    Plus check out the dem stealing the kids phone. I guess burdening him with all this debt isnt enough, had to steal his phone too.


    1. Palin obsession? Let’s see if you can answer a simple yes or no question.

      “Is there an element of ‘gotcha’ involved in jumping a Congressman like this?”

      I await.


      1. Only gotcha was the demomarxist reacting in anger and thuggery for being asked a single question. Gotcha!


      2. You didn’t disappoint. I didn’t think you could handle such a simple thing. It’s “yes” or “no.” It’s easy. Trust me on this one! 🙂


  3. “Cameras are cheap and everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame without having the prerequisite talent and/or putting in the work. Welcome to the 21st century.”

    Damn James O’Keefe for not putting in his time with the MSM before exposing ACORN. Just think of the bright side. When the Federal government nationalizes the media, at least your tax dollars wont go into propping up the James O’Keefes. Just the drones like Olberman and Tingles.


    1. Cathy, maybe O’Keefe exposed the great mystery of the Congresswoman who fibbed about her phones. If memory serves, that was the biggest crisis facing our great nation that particular day. Thank God O’Keefe road in like John Wayne to save the day.

      Hey, O’Keefe. If you think phone calls to Congress will change the world then more power to ya.

      By the way, O’Keefe isn’t a member of law enforcement. His actions were illegal that day and, just like the Congresswoman admitted she fibbed, O’Keefe stood in front of a federal magistrate and admitted he broke the law and was sentence to two years probation for it. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The ends does not justify the means.

      Just my opinion, of course.


    2. Thanks, Elric, for making my point. “Gonzo Gotcha” is fine and dandy when you like the ox that is being gored. As I have predicted, this is going to cut both ways. I look forward to hearing you squeal like a stuck pig when the pendulum swings back around.

      Besides, we don’t really need “gonzo gotcha” to catch rabid homophobes in Congress and churches gettin’ their gay groove on, do we? Somehow it still comes out.


  4. “that was the biggest crisis facing our great nation that particular day.”

    Perhaps he should have went golfing like that POS “president”. Now thats how you handle a crisis.


    1. You absolutely never address the actual point, do you?


  5. “The ends does not justify the means.”

    Except when you bribe politicians with tax payer money for votes. Then its justified. Right????


    1. So what? You are saying “my side good, your side bad?” Is that really what you think? Someday I’d like to meet you in a little place I like to call “reality.”


    2. No one ever said that, you wacky douche nozzle! 🙂


  6. “I look forward to hearing you squeal like a stuck pig when the pendulum swings back around.”

    You know, if a Republican reacts the same way over a single question, I will condemn it and not make excuses. Guess thats the difference between libs and conservatives. We hold our own accountable.


    1. Right. Do me a favor, will ya? Look out the window and look up. I’d very much like to know the color of the sky on your world. 🙂


  7. “So what? You are saying “my side good, your side bad?”

    No, Im saying your side are hypocrites and you are equating what he did to bribing for votes to pass an unpopular bill that affects every citizen for generations to come. If what they did in the private sector, their asses would be tossed in jail but your side applauds them for their unethical behavior.


    1. Sadly, if you believe one side holds the higher ground on things like hypocrisy then you are not really looking and being honest with yourself. It is that sort of fanatical blindness that truly concerns me.


  8. Guess you already ran out of arguments. Back to the name calling and insults. Thanks for conceding.


    1. LOL! An example of you defining victory. Some that sort of logic didn’t work in Iraq and Afghanistan, either.


    2. By the way, don’t put words in my mouth and I won’t call you “douche nozzle.” Simple, eh? Almost as simple as answering a yes/no question. 🙂


  9. “You absolutely never address the actual point, do you?”

    What is the actual point? That the demomarxist reacted with anger and thuggery? Already addressed it. You sadly, did not.


    1. Yeah, what is the point? That if you provoke people that might actually respond? Good point! And to extend that point, as I’ve already said, you’re going to see that flowing both ways, baby.

      If you think this somehow proves that Dems are raging lunatics and Reps are little heaven-sent angels, you have indeed been drinking the Kool-aid.

      Humans react when provoked. That’s the way it works. Should they? No, probably not. But some do. The amazing part is that you think it is somehow a partisan phenomenon and somehow proves a bunch of other things. It does not.

      The only thing proved here is that humans aren’t perfect and that this particular guy is one of those who reacts badly when provoked.

      Just what do you think was proved here, eh?


  10. “It is that sort of fanatical blindness that truly concerns me.”

    Really? If Bush was doing what al-Thuggy is doing right now, his poll numbers would be in the teens. Enjoy the kool aid.


  11. “If you think this somehow proves that Dems are raging lunatics and Reps are little heaven-sent angels, you have indeed been drinking the Kool-aid.”

    No, just proves this nutjob is.

    Provoked? The guy asked him one question. Hollywood starts get much worse treatment and they dont go around assaulting people and stealing their phones. Ohh wait, you hold your own to a different standard. Never mind.


    1. People with video cameras waiting on sidewalks to ask “agenda” questions. You’re right, nothing provocative about that at all. Hell, it’s almost as friendly as saying, “Have a nice day.”

      No one is defending how the guy reacted. I’m making the point that it doesn’t prove anything beyond that single human being. So we agree on that much.


  12. You know what? When a Republican known for being a powerhouse on anti-gay legislation turns out to be gay, I don’t jump to illogical conclusions. I don’t say, “All Republicans are gay.”

    When a preacher and church leader does meth and gets it on with cabana boys I don’t assume that all church leaders are like that.

    When famous politicians cheat on their wives (Newt, Edwards, etc.) I don’t logically extend that to anything.

    I’ll tell you exactly what I believe. Humans are imperfect and some of the do stupid shit. It might surprise you to hear this, Elric, but some partisan folks actually take a long of meaning from events like this, like it somehow proves “they are bad and we are good.” That is a dangerous mindset.

    Here’s something I’ve said until I’m blue in the face but I’ll repeat it one more time just for you since your comments in this post show you didn’t hear and process it. For the record, I never ripped Bush a new one like has been done to Obama. I didn’t vote for Bush. That doesn’t mean I thought he was all bad. He had some things I agree with and some things I didn’t. Hell, I never even protested Bush about anything. And me, the person you gleefully call a hypocrite, has treated Obama exactly the same way. I voted for Obama over McCain. I liked McCain quite a bit. Do I think one man is better than the other? No, both had their good points and bad. McCain might even be the better person. Hell, I don’t know. But I do know that Obama represented more of my views than McCain. And no, it is hardly a perfect fit. I don’t think Obama is perfect and sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I don’t. That’s exactly how it was between me and Bush.

    I don’t know why I bother attempting to explain this to you again, though.


  13. “Who are you? I want to know who you are? Who are you?”

    WTF? Can’t the kid come up with something good? I mean, this is a serious opportunity to be a complete and total smart ass! “I’m your momma, asshole.” Then the senator can punch him out and the video would be even more interesting! This kid needs some paparazii training. “Hi there, my name’s Bud, from Bud’s Medical Center, and we’d like to know if’n ya’ll gonna let busted up people from come on over for our two fer one special. Go ahead and bust my skull, then come on over and we’ll see what we can do for you. Obviously you don’t need a new asshole, since you’ve already got two of them.”

    Or he could have said, “I’m only asking you a question cause you’re a Democrat. I wouldn’t do this to a Republican or I’d probably get shot!”

    Or he could have said, “Your wife didn’t mind when I took her picture.”


    1. Oh my gosh! You’re right of course. I totally missed that angle! 🙂

      Funny stuff!

      Of course the kid didn’t want to go there. He didn’t want to provoke or anything. 🙂


  14. I never said this guy proves all demomarxists are violent thugs like him. But we do know if it were a Republican that did this, it would be headline news on all the MSM networks and Pelosi would be calling for his head.

    “But I do know that Obama represented more of my views than McCain.”

    How is that working out for you? Still think he is a solid B plus? And btw McCain sucked too. I hope he loses the primary.


  15. Interesting that asking a single question is “provocation”. Perhaps in the liberal world it is.


    1. Again, it is not just the question. It is the locale, aka the sidewalk. It is the element of surprise. It is the ambush. It is the “Obama agenda” rhetoric. It is the whole package. This wasn’t just another question in a press conference. Surely you can see that?


    2. See? There ya go again. There is no “liberal world.” There is only one world. The one that we ALL live on. But there you go again making the “you side, our side” and “I never said that” insinuations based on an interpretation of an event. Don’t you see what that says about you?


  16. Maybe there’s an alternative explanation for the Senator’s testiness here, and we’re not getting the whole story. What if, just to play devil’s advocate, he just found out that his daughter was pregnant, and then on his way out of the driveway, a cat ran out in front of him and he tried to dodge it but ended up running over a fire hydrant and killing the cat too. Then the neigbor’s three year old came out and saw her dead cat, and went to get her Dad, who came storming out with a rake and chased the senator down the street. After escaping from the enraged neighbor, he got on his blackberry to call the police when he realized he didn’t have enough bars because his cell phone carrier sucks, which is when he wasn’t paying attention and ran into a tree, dropping his phone and stepping on it, crushing it. At this point, he’s starting to lose his patience when he steps into a big pile of dog shit that someone walking their dog didn’t clean up. As he’s trying to get the shit off his shoe, some woman drives by in her car and flips him off, calling him a baby killer.

    This is where the video starts. He’s walking to his appointment (which he’s now late to) and his car is destroyed, his neighbors hate him, he’s murdered a cat, he stinks of dog shit, and he’s about to go meet with a bunch of right wing evangelists so they can try and tell him how evil abortion is and how his his daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock should carry the fetus to term.

    Now enters the young man wearing a business suit, who looks just like those Mormon kids that TP’d his house last week. And they’ve got a camera, and they’re asking him questions. By God, he’s good and ready for some conflict about now! He wants to know this kids name, because he’s pissed about all that TP on his lawn.

    Under the circumstances, the kid is luck to be alive.


    1. Damn, just when I think you are spent, you just bringing it. Hopefully like the Lakers as they crush my boss’s favorite team the Celtics. 🙂


  17. A sidewalk is an ambush point? LOL Man you will do anything to give the demomarxit thug a pass.

    So is asking a single question “provocation”? Did the demomarxist give the kid back his phone?


    1. Now you’re just deliberately ignoring the question. As you know, that tends to make me be done with you rather quickly.


      1. What question am I “ignoring”?


    2. And again you pea-brained fuck wit:

      I’ve never given him a pass.
      I’ve never given him a pass.
      I’ve never given him a pass.
      I’ve never given him a pass.

      Got it yet? You’re blind and friggin’ liar, that’s what you are. Jeez. I keep giving you chances and you keep making me regret it.


  18. By the way, what doesn’t the video show?

    I’m not saying this is true. I’m saying it could be and “what if???”

    What if that humble “student” has harassed that dude every day for the last week? What if on every previous day he yelled “your daughter is a whole” and other choices phrases? What if this was the first day he showed up with a camera?

    Should we be asking ourselves what the video doesn’t show?

    And no, I’m not defending the guy. He should be able to control himself better and he probably owes the kid an apology, damages to his equipment, and maybe even criminal charges. But don’t you think that such a tactic would be extremely clever? Hell, you could almost “prove” anything you want without a shadow of doubt.

    I don’t even know what “truth” means in today’s world any more… Again, not implying anything about this particular incident, just musing.


  19. Its also interesting that you mention a sidewalk an “ambush” point. When al-Thuggy’s SEIU goons went in front of a BOA employees house with a police escort, did you complain about ambushes then? Or do you just reserve them when demomarxist Congressmen are asked a single question on a sidewalk? Does this mean sidewalks are off limits to reporters and film crews?


    1. To be honest with you (why do I even bother) I haven’t much liked it since Michael Moore did it in one of his movies. I don’t give a fuck about the parties involved. But of course everyone wants to copy Moore so they can cheaply get their 15 minutes of viral video fame. Of course, that was my original point.


  20. “What if that humble “student” has harassed that dude every day for the last week?”

    Then hopefully the demomarxist got a restraining order. My guess he didnt otherwise he wouldnt have “apologized” and would have stated that he did have one on him.


  21. Elric, I’m done with you. As you have proven every single time, you refuse to discuss in an intellectually honest way.

    You may now do two things:

    1. Have the last word.
    2. Claim that this proves you are victorious.

    Have a good day.


  22. Couldnt take the ass whooping again? Poor poor drone. Didnt even answer if you still gave al-Thuggy a solid B-Plus. 🙂

    Cant wait for our next debate. See you soon.


  23. Etheridge on the assault: I’d had a long day, but that’s no excuse

    Even Etheridge doesnt buy your BS.


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