Daily Archives: June 10th, 2010

Google does the nasty

In its quest to be more like Bing, the search engine Google enabled background images on their home page today.


By the time I noticed, the brouhaha was already over. I guess by the time I got there the default of showing an image had already been changed to “by request” and the old white page was back. (Look for the new link in the lower-left corner of the page.)

Curious, I went and tried one for myself. I tried one of the “Editor’s Picks.”

That’s a nice looking… wait a minute! What the hell is that?

Does anyone else see what I see in this image??? Perverts! 🙂

The sound of gerbil silence

Shhh! There might be gerbils lurking in the shadows along with the grues...

Hello darkness my old friend…

Best opening line of a song … evar! 🙂

I’m here to tell you that I have nothing to say about the gerbil today. Shocking, I know.

Yesterday, my wife emailed me five words. “Confirmed. He has a key.”

Last night, however, I did the unthinkable. I didn’t inquire any further. I let the topic go. My wife had asked me out on a date and my sound of silence regarding the gerbil was my little gift to celebrate the occasion.

After work she picked me up and we went to a park by the river. We sat in our Coleman picnic chairs, had some beer, veggie sandwiches, chips, potato salad and macaroni salad. It was pretty darn nice. Almost like camping, which we probably won’t get to do this year. Then we grabbed our little point and shoot and shot pictures of a nearby bridge for Shutterboo’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

It was nice to go on a date, picnic out in nature, have a good time, work on our social media skills, take pictures and not think about gerbils and their nesting habits for an evening…

Chips on my shoulder, Ahoy!

I’m an employee. I don’t own this outfit. But if I did, I’ll tell you what I’d do to improve things around here:

Shut down the phones and eliminate all of the customers!

Oh yeah, then life would be good! :)

Not a very realistic business plan, though, eh?

Allow me to introduce Angry Customer Guy. On Day One you meet him in your store. You can tell right off the bat he’s a difficult and ornery sort. After working retail for a while you develop a sixth sense for this sort of thing.

Our business has a policy that all in store sales are final. The policy is posted in several places by the counter and the cash register. I usually mention this policy prior to making the sale just to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings.

Even though we have this policy, we’re still flexible. We take care of customers all the time, with or without receipt, and usually no matter how much time has elapsed (within reason) as long as the product is still new and in sellable condition. We’ve even gone back years to work with customers. It works a little something like this: “I bought the XYZ Widget. I went home and shoved it in the closet for my spouse who was serving in Iraq. My spouse just got home a year later and we checked it out and it was the wrong widget.” We took care of that customer.

This customer, however, stormed in a few days later and threw his stuff down on the counter and demanded his money back. Because he bought the product just a few days ago he’s automatically eligible for an exchange or store credit. However, he wouldn’t let our service rep talk. As we tried to work with him he just got angrier and angrier. It can be hard to solve a problem for someone who won’t allow you the basic courtesy of speech.

Finally the man exclaimed that he is “a merchant in this town!” Whatever that is supposed to mean. Then he said he’s calling his lawyer. Then he said, “You guys do business on the internet, right? Well my son is an engineer at Microsoft!!!” and stomped out the front door. As the webmaster here, this comment caught the corner of my ear. Just what in the hell is that supposed to mean? I took it as a veiled threat against our web site.

Wow. It must be a lot of fun being that man. I may tend to be a bit negative, but I try to start every human interaction with the benefit of the doubt. Even if I’m angry I’ll see how I’m treated and I’ll be nice until I’m given a reason to behave otherwise.

This guy was obviously angry because his widget wasn’t working out for some reason. What that reason might be, we may never know. We were never provided with that information.

I hope this grumpy old man finds some sort of happiness before he croaks. It can’t be much fun going through life as a flaming douchebag.

Oh yeah, we were just served with his credit card dispute. It seems he is contesting the charge through his credit card company. Interestingly enough he states in his dispute, “product not as stated.” Huh? Nothing was stated. He took the thing off a shelf and bought it. Dumb ass.