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Sandra knows how to play Survivor

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Love her or hate her, in the Heroes vs. Villains season of Survivor you have to give it up for Sandra and the game she has played so far.

How often have we seen someone find the hidden immunity idol without being detected, swear to keep it a secret and then immediately spill the beans to someone else? The inability to keep one’s trap shut almost invariably turns out to be a fatal mistake.

Sometimes we’ve seen the sharing of idol knowledge used as a method to gain trust. How often has this worked out?

But not Sandra. Oh no! She knows how to play the game of Survivor. Have her all-star competitors forgotten that she won this game before? Remember back at the beginning of the season (and in previous all-star seasons) when being a previous $1 million winner of Survivor was a huge target on your back? Funny how the priorities have changed as the season as progressed. Funny how Parvati doesn’t seem to bring that up much. 🙂

So Sandra did three things in typical Sandra fashion:

  1. She found the idol while everyone was looking and was able to keep it on the down low. (That is no small feat when someone is standing right over you with a TV camera filming the whole thing.)
  2. She didn’t tell anyone – not one single person. This makes her a Survivor oddity, perhaps in a class all by herself. I won’t be surprised if she keeps it a secret next week, too.
  3. Her secrecy enabled Rupert’s rock-in-the-pocket plan. If she had shown the idol to the villains they would have had Rupert out cold.

Next week’s teaser promo shows Sandra going up against Russell. Has anyone ever done that and survived? I can’t remember a single instance. But Russell may have met his match this time. Drawing Russell’s ire may be the perfect strategy for someone holding an idol that no one suspects. The “toothless troll” is nothing if not predictable. She’ll be laughing her ass off while he makes it his mission in life to vote her out. For all his talk about being a Survivor genius his strategy usually boils down to “make me angry and I’ll vote you out.” That is hardly the most brilliant strategy ever – not too subtle at all – and one that might get him to the end but will never get him votes to be the sole survivor. It’s just about the perfect strategy for someone who wants to guarantee himself a 2nd place finish but never wants to win.

So let’s say the promo is accurate and Sandra pulls Russell’s ire and he targets her in an all-or-nothing type of move. Then what? Sandra obviously plays the idol and orchestrates the elimination of the player of her choice, not Russell’s. It might even be Russell himself. It’s really rather brilliant and all keyed upon the fact that she kept her mouth shut.

On the other hand, Sandra may very well end up doing what she does best. That’s sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else target each other. If so, she may feel secure enough to keep the idol secret one more week which would be a huge move at this point in the game.

The only other possible wrinkle is that next week’s promo shows Rupert and Colby getting all chummy with Russell. That has got to be a red herring. I mean Rupert just told Russell to his face that he was a “disgusting” person. Russell laughed it off but his true feelings were clear when he responded tit for tat with, “You’re not the second coming of Christ, Rupert.” Yikes. I guess the kid gloves are off now. But the point is, just a day or two after these harsh words were exchanged I find it damn hard to believe that Rupert is going to trust Russell like the promo implies. I think it is more likely that Rupert is just playing along with Russell for some reason, perhaps because Russell is the one going home.

I find it unlikely that even Russell’s talk of “final three” with Colby and Rupert will be taken seriously. By now the remaining heroes have seen enough of Russell’s villainy to fall for that sort of desperation move. At least I think they have.

Hang on, heroes! Sit back and let those villains pick each other off! Personally I’m about ready for one of Colby’s challenge streaks to kick in to high gear. I think the Colbster still has a few surprises left in him. Yee haw!

Survivor double elimination prediction

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This week two contestants on Survivor will be sent packing. It’s a double-elimination week. Oooooh.

Last week Amanda, the most beautiful woman to ever play the game of Survivor, was sent home. It was the follow-up to the previous week’s episode where Amanda offered her throat to her friend Parvati. Now just three original “heroes” remain: Candice, Colby and Rupert. Colby? Huh what? He’s still there? Yee-haw! I wonder if the self-described Colbster spends a lot of time in bars? He sure seems to know his shuffleboard!

My prediction: Candice is going home. This week. Why? Once you are shown to be playing a fear-based game of Waffles you lose the respect of the other players and they ditch you fast. Candice has betrayed the heroes and is too risky to the villains. I think she’s gone.

This week’s promos want us to think that Rupert is also on the line. Are they telling us in the outcome in advance – which has been known to happen from time to time? Or are they deliberately trying to lead us astray? My guess is that in addition to Candice, we’ll be seeing one of the villains go home. I think it could be Parvati or Russell, but my official guess is Russell. (I’m logging my guess now so just in case I’m right I can claim to be brilliant later on.) Bragging rights are on the line.

Survivor: Amanda sunk JT

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Yeah, this is about last week’s episode of Suvrivor. If you don’t like it, feel free to vote me out of the tribe.

The key moment that put the noose around JT’s neck, at least in my humble opinion and based on the editing of the episode, was the conversation between Amanda and Parvati.

Amanda knelt down and submitted to the Alpha Dog. Parvati was playing the game of Survivor. Amanda was doing something else, I’m not quite sure what. Maybe she was hoping to get some. Why not, everyone else seems to think Parvati is all that and a bag of chips. Personally when it comes to beauty I think Amanda leaves Parvati in the dust.

But in the game of Survivor, it was game on for Parvati and lost puppy dog eyes for Amanda. Parvati pressed hard and got exactly what she needed from Amanda. The truth. Parvati was able to know with certainty that she was safe. Amanda gave away the store in that conversation and as far as I can tell got nothing in return. No doubt she will be tossed aside when she is no longer useful.

Oh, JT, poor JT. Whatever made you think you could trust Russell? Why did you assume so much about a tribe where you literally had no information? I think it was a combination of wishful thinking and pure greed that let poor ole JT down the wrong path.

His plan may have actually had a snowball’s chance in hell if not for that conference between Parvati and Amanda. Unfortunately it will probably turn out to be one of the biggest blunders in Survivor history and JT will no doubt take the brunt of blame.

The key moment, though, remains Amanda’s manipulations at the hands of her Master. Amanda appears to be severely outclassed as far as the game is concerned and pretty much has cost herself any chance of winning. JT was just another causality of her mistake.

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Survivor: Coach Wade slays dragons no more

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Thursday night on Survivor the Villains continued their destructive ways. After losing the immunity challenge the tribe voted out Coach Benjamin Wade aka “The Dragon Slayer” who now becomes the first member of the jury.

Two weeks ago they voted out Boston Rob, their challenge machine, and they’ve lost every challenge ever since. How odd.

The most interesting thing about the vote, however, was that that Russell Hantz was on the wrong side of it. Three votes for Courtney and four votes for Coach. That can’t be a good sign for someone who thinks he’s is control of the game.

Now Russell and Jerri now find themselves on the outs of a disintegrating tribe. A tribe that thought it was better to keep Sandra and Courtney for challenges, who were absolutely useless this week, instead of Boston Rob and Coach – the only Villain to earn a point – they could be voting out another member very soon.

What are the implications that Russell is seemingly out of step with his tribe? Does this mean Russell is now in danger? Watching him next week should be interesting.