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Outside The Box

outside_the_boxWe’ve all been told at some point in our lives to “think outside the box” by some weasel-face jackass, right?

The problem is when your mind is limited, it’s really hard to be aware of how it’s limited. Because, you know, you’re not even aware. True original thought is so contrary to our ingrained pre-programmed mental pathways that if we actually had one it would bite us in the ass.

Perhaps heart attacks and strokes are merely the symptoms of people who’ve experienced an original thought. Hey, I’ll bet that’s an original thought right there. Ugh. What’s this tingling in my fingers? Oh, pretty rainbow colors. My head hurts.


Oops. Sorry about that. I’m back. Turns out it wasn’t an original thought after all. Just the same old thing that always when I happen to stand up too fast. I’ll try to be more careful so we can get this damn post over and done with.
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BlogFestivus – Day Four: Vixen Victoria

blogfestivus-20122Vixen Victoria
by Tom B. Taker

Victor was a little different than the other reindeer. He liked to trot around in fabulous high heels and a sequined bra. Sure, he’d pretend it was the only way to get on the all-female team of Santa’s flying reindeer, but we knew that excuse was as see-through as his silk pantyhose.

From a baby doll teddy with little straps like spaghetti to the rhinestone rigging the team wore to pull Santa’s sleigh to the festive red and green feather boa that completed the ensemble, when Victor assumed the costume he gloriously transformed into Vixen, the famous reindeer of lore, a name known and loved the world over.
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