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Bulldozer Science Chit Chat

I'm the smallest slice. Orange you impressed?

I’m the cutest slice. Orange you impressed?

I’m formulating a new hypothesis to fit observable phenomena pertaining to the human act of communication. If you can call one-way verbal vomit “communication,” that is. We may have to take a few liberties with our assumptions.

The lab is a controlled environment: A square room with dimensions of 20′ x 20′ and four test subjects locked inside.

It’s a beautiful human-based ballet and we get to watch it play out. Isn’t science a gas?
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Throat Punch Thursday

Punch in the Throat!Punch you in the throat, punch you in the throat.
This is a not a case of Murder She Wrote.
You think you got a day without any pain?
Well punch you, motherfucker, you better think again!

This was too big to fit in a tweet, so it becomes an Insta-Post on another Throat Punch Thursday.


Knife Edge Hand Strike Punch Of Throat