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My protest sign

Introduction: A sign made by yours truly is shown above. This was taken at a Tea Party Tax Day Protest 2010 in front of the Sarah Palin Building in Washington, D.C. As you can see, no one suspected I was a protest sign infiltrator and I was just able to duck for cover before this picture was taken, so I didn’t blow my cover and I remain safely anonymous …

This last week our nation celebrated April 15th. That’s always a fun day here in the abyss. I simply refer to it as Festival Day. Even so, I still found some time to take a quick crawl out to civilization. My goal? Infiltration of so-called “Tea Party” tax day protests. Aha! I get it. They went and scheduled their protests on a significant day. Tax day and “Taxed Enough Already.” Very, very clever. Get it? They truly have some masterminds at the helm.

All I wanted to do was sneak in and be a “plant” with my humble little sign. You know what I mean, right? None of the offensive messages on display at Tea Party protests are ever representative of the movement itself. The movement has an amazing lack of responsibility in that area. I’ve basically been told that if a sign is offensive then it must obviously be a “plant.” A “plant” is someone at a rally opposed to the Tea Party’s objectives for the sole purpose of making the movement look bad. (It’s hard to argue with logic like that.)

Isn’t it amazing how the Tea Party somehow knows that without exception all offensive messages must be plants!

Maybe, just maybe, the Tea Party themselves planted the “plants.” Now that is a brilliant idea. It gives them someone to blame and a clear path to obfuscation. Think about it. They know the offensive messages are self-planted, and they know that we’ll react to them, and when we do, then they can claim innocence and blame it on others.

Unless… What if we know that they know that they did it, but they don’t know that we know? Perhaps then we could plant signs that make the Tea Party look good. This will confuse them for sure. They’ll know the signs aren’t theirs,  but they won’t know what to do about it, because they won’t know that we know that they know the offensive self-planted signs are theirs!

The only possible flaw I can see in this plan is if they find out that we know that they know about the offensive self-planted signs, then they may also know that we know that we planted the positive signs, which they know couldn’t have been planted by them. If they figure that out, and they know that we did, and we don’t know that they know that, it could be bad.

Fuck it. I say we go for it. I’m a little confused which type of signs to make now, though. I think I’ll stick to ones that are offensively positive. Start making signs! 🙂