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That’s Rich!

wealthy-richLast week my wife and I were watching CBS Sunday Morning. Mo Rocca (resplendent with fedora) was interviewing immensely rich lady, Eileen Rockefeller.

“How much money do you have?” Rocca interviewed fiercely. He wasn’t about to give in and hobnob. He was there to ask the tough questions.

“I have no idea,” Rockefeller answered. “I don’t even count.”


That’s supposed to indicate to us underlings how little she actually cares about wealth? Naturally, by this point, I was rolling around my chair expleting shoutatives. I was attempting to injure myself. Because I can afford that.

Saying you have so much money you don’t even bother to count it is supposed to somehow demonstrate how little you actually care about money?

I’ve never had so much money that I had the luxury of not counting it.

Stand back. I think I’m about to blow!
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What planet do you want to live on?

Class M PlanetI had a little email exchange with a buddy of mine today and I thought I’d share. What prompted the discussion was a report that police in San Diego, California, are looking for a four-time bank robber who, judging by the surveillance footage, is about the age of a fossil.

I then shared one of my personal theories, that there is a loose correlation between the crime rate and the division of wealth and that free markets tend to stratify wealth.

To make my point, I came up with this lame analogy:

A space ship carrying 100 people lands on a small class M planetoid. The colonists immediately allocate 60% of EVERYTHING to one dude. The remaining 99 people share resources on a sliding scale with those at the bottom receiving less than enough to sustain life.

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