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Dirty Tops

wiping-a-tableThe restaurant industry tends to be cyclical. It’s one trend followed by another. You’re cutting edge for a while and then you’re chasing the pack. It can be a real rat race. Perhaps lemmings are involved?

Yes, I’m trying to include lots of references to rodentia. We’re talking about restaurants here. I don’t recognize sacred cows. Like always I gotta keep it classy.

There’s a trend where celebrity chefs are seen everywhere except in their own kitchens. I’m looking but not looking at you, Naomi Pomeroy. Squee. One final Beast reference.

Honey Badger, though, will have the last word. Keep reading.

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Royally Managerially Screwed Flamin’ Douche

Sticky Note Mario“Captain! Remember those iceberg warnings you couldn’t be bothered to look at? Well, we’ve struck one!”

“Holy shit sandwich! We actually hit an iceberg warning? Out here in the ocean? What are the odds of that? Dammit, why now? I was just enjoying a spot of tea.”

“We didn’t hit a warning, you friggin’ dolt! We hit an iceberg, you know, like the sort mentioned in said warnings. Good God, man! Pull your head out of your arse! We’re going down by the head.”

“Oh, well that’s different. Get to work polishing the brass or I’ll hang ye from the nearest yardarm.”

“What a relief. I actually worried for a moment you’d fail to grasp the gravity of the situation.”

“See? That’s why I’m the Captain. Everyone knows gravity doesn’t work out at sea.”
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A sticky handwriting situation

Sticky note

Sticky note defaced with my penmanship

Thanks to Kate over at the Punch It In! blog for the idea of making a post featuring your own handwriting.

Let’s see what this glimpse tells y’all about me. It wouldn’t be a good sign at all if my handwriting turns out to look exactly the same as the Unabomber’s, would it? Now where did I place my copy of his manifesto? I’d better double check.

Actually, I think the prose on this little sticky note is some of my best writing ever … by far!

If this turns out well for me I may start doing all my posts this way.

Maybe not. But at least there is no dispute at all, finally, that this is an image where I own the exclusive digital rights. If that doesn’t get me moving up to the big time I don’t know what will. Woot!