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Hyppo and Critter: Gun Politics


Turds of a Feather

Credit: Some asshole with an iPod.

Credit: Some asshole with an iPod.

Did you notice? Yesterday I didn’t try to pull any of that April Fool’s Day crap on you. I respected you as a person. That simple act of mature restraint elevated me above the likes of Google and the makers of Minecraft. For hate’s sake I claim the higher ground.

The higher ground is mine! Neener, neener, neener. In yo face!

And now I’ve lost it again. Excuse me a moment while I crawl back under the bottom of this barrel here. Ah, there’s no place like home.

Feather Flags: Empirical proof that capitalistic greed grabs take far more precedence than the visual appearance of a community.
–Tom B. Taker

Why not make an entire community look like the inner ring of a toilet when it can make a few assholes a few extra bucks, right?

I give you the humble feather flag (genus flapus fuckus).
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Heartless Jerks

Heartless Jerks

A sign that caught my eye while out for a drive. I am a sign photographer extraordinaire.

Guru Comic: Signs of Translation


Hyppo and Critter: Maybe Vote

Hyppo and Critter
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Obama Sign #photography

Today’s post was supposed to be a literary masterpiece on the topic of “work.” Unfortunately, with a topic like that, my writing was a little too productive and I ended up with too much content. The writing process I undertook could best be described as written diarrhea.

For the person who read my tweet and expected something about “work” today, I apologize. Time is short so I have to go on an unplanned diversion.

I have dug deep into my personal photographic archive of signs for today’s photography post.
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#Monday Around The Corner: Self Parenting