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I venture hither and yon

Today I venture forth from my flat for the first time since naked pictures of me were released on the internet. And, even though he’sĀ embarrassed, I’m bring Mr. Tallywacker with me. Jolly good and all that! Tally ho!

That is to say, wow, isn’t my tally a ho?

Being royal isn’t easy. No, not that I’m blue-blooded, but I am royal in so many ways. Royally screwed. Royally flushed. Well, you get the idea.
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Royally Flushed

Last night was the Texas Hold’em home game. I will now regale some highlights of the evening.

I don’t like to brag, of course, but I seem to have been constructed for the purpose of playing poker. A coworker from a job 12 years ago once told me I had the “shifty eye.” I took that as a compliment. I also love maths andĀ probabilities.

The other good thing about poker is that it is the only sport that I can watch on TV and go out and replicate myself. I use the word “sport” loosely but it must be true since they show it on ESPN.

I don’t like to brag or anything, but I rule the home game. I’ve placed in the money something like eight times in a row. That isn’t chance or luck. It’s skill.

“In the money” is nice but the #1 spot itself has proven elusive. I think I’ve only claimed that title a single time in the home game.

Last night I was on a mission. And the poker gods themselves were looking down to enforce some poker karma.

Pokerize ’em!
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