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Dirty Tops

wiping-a-tableThe restaurant industry tends to be cyclical. It’s one trend followed by another. You’re cutting edge for a while and then you’re chasing the pack. It can be a real rat race. Perhaps lemmings are involved?

Yes, I’m trying to include lots of references to rodentia. We’re talking about restaurants here. I don’t recognize sacred cows. Like always I gotta keep it classy.

There’s a trend where celebrity chefs are seen everywhere except in their own kitchens. I’m looking but not looking at you, Naomi Pomeroy. Squee. One final Beast reference.

Honey Badger, though, will have the last word. Keep reading.

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A Very Abyss Christmas Conundrum

Abyss ChristmasThis is a momentous occasion. It’s that festive time of the year when, by officious assertion, I issue ex cathedra Seasons Greetings Message O’ The Abyss.

This post contains a conundrum, too. Can you deduce what it is? Keeping reading for a hint.

In our grandest traditions I say unto you, “Merry Christmas!” I attend a ceremony on the yard of the Abyss House where I pardon a grown baby who has unsucceeded to empty nest aka Rodentia of Extraordinary Size. (Yes, “empty nest” can be a verb.) In the name of diversity there are Festivus activities for The Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength. A round beam is even erected on the courthouse grounds accompanied by a dish of spaghetti.

And, of course, there is the authorized and sanctioned Negativity Scene. (I’m crèching your heads!)

It is Christmastime in the Abyss!

The bigger question, though, is this: Can you identify what is askew about this post?
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