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Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

The Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge used to be a fairly regular thing here on the blog. I’d post an aerial image and challenge you to identify it. It dwindled, though, and I think this will be only the second one so far this year even I’m still positively glowing after the last one we did in July.

When I originally saw this image, I immediately thought, “Hey, that’s an aerial shot and it will probably be hard for most of us to identify.” So bring on the challenge.

Sorry, viewing the image name won’t provide any clues, you sneaky, sneaky people. But I am willing to provide a couple of hints.

The structure is 50m tall. It is constructed out of 8,000 blocks of white marble stone, the shape of each were calculated by a computer. Construction was completed in 1971.

Can you identify the location shown? Give it your best shot. When you are ready to give up, you can find the answer after the jump.

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Lazy Sunday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

It’s been a long time since we had an aerial reconnaissance challenge. All you have to do is identify the location shown above. Easy!
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Feckless Friday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

Feckless FridayWhat in the world?

Here is today’s hint: I originally wanted to use something topical, like Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (movie coming out) or Transylvania or the Haunted House for Halloween. All of those images turned out kinda lame. So you know this image is none of those.

How’s that for a useful hint? Meh.

Can you identify this famous location using only this aerial view? The answer will be provided after the jump.

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Feckless Friday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

Feckless FridayThis week’s aerial challenge should be a little easier. At least I think so. I guess it will depend on one critical factor, which will be obvious after the jump.

You might say that this week’s feckless challenge gives us of “bird’s eye view” of a famous location somewhere in the world.

I don’t normally give clues. I must be getting weak.

The answer, a link to the original large version of this thumbnail and a ground level image will all be available after the jump.

When you are ready to see the answer, hit the “Continue reading” link to find out how you did.

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Feckless Friday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

Feckless FridayFeckless Friday is here! Feckless as in fun, frivilous, irresponsible, AKA something that is just not productive. Just what I need to finish the week!

This is a new thing I’m going to try on the blog, at least for a while. On Friday’s we’ll have a feckless challenge of sorts. I’ll find and post an aerial photo of some sort of famous location on planet Earth. The challenge will be to see if anyone can identify the location. This is not so much of a puzzle, I’m afraid. It’s either something you’ll know or you won’t. Not much strategy in that.

And no Google Maps were used during the creation of this post.

Can you identify the location shown in this aerial image?

The answer along with another image will be shown after the jump.

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