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Image source: A Crafter At Sea.

Tip: Always aim for subtlety in the subject lines of your blog posts. Thoughtfully I have provided an example. Those subjects lines are like little windows to the soul. Of your blog posts.


The driver’s side door on my car doesn’t open from the outside. You might think that sucks but to me it’s just one of the innumerable realities of my existence. So my routine is to enter the car from the passenger side, start the engine (a 50-50 proposition) and lean across and unlatch the door, pushing it out gently and hoping against all hope that it doesn’t click shut again, thus forcing me to go back and repeat the process, something I like to call “the Sprinkles on Top.”

Soon even this reality will be denied to me. The handle on the passenger door feels like it is about to fail in exactly the same way. After that I’ll have to get inside by crawling through an air duct or something.

Anyway, that’s how, every morning, I find myself getting into my car with the engine running and the radio already turned on. And, more often than not, it is usually tuned to the local public radio call-in talk format show on the station I was listening to the night before.

The other morning I slid into the spaceship (that’s what I call my car) and a word from the radio pierced my consciousness.


Okay. You have my attention. I paused to listen. Did I really just hear that?
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Obama gets logically fingered

“Sorry, kids. Those answers – all of them – are wrong. Looks like, once again, I’m the only one with the right answer. What did you expect? After all, don’t forget who’s the teacher and who’s the student here. That’s not by accident! Aw, don’t cry. Look. Participant ribbons for everyone, okay? Yeah!”

It’s true. My career in education was a short one.

I was going to run a caption contest for the picture of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer planting a part of her anatomy in the airspace of Obama’s face, but then I realized that such a contest would be a pointless exercise. Why? Because, of course, there is one (and only one) right answer.

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I just heard Dixie Chicks on the radio

Dixie Chicks on the radioI’m listening to a country & western station today and I just realized: they are playing a Dixie Chicks song!

In fact, it’s the beautiful song Without You. If you haven’t heard it, and even if you have, take a quick jump over to YouTube, set aside a few minutes and just enjoy. Here’s the link: YouTube.com. (Here’s another YouTube link if the first one doesn’t play due to copyright restrictions.)

Beautiful, eh? 🙂

If this is the sort of change we get under Obama then I have to admit, I’m diggin’ it. Seems like only yesterday the Dixie Chicks were the subject of boycotts, radio stations wouldn’t play their music, and their CDs were being steamrolled and crushed in protest – all because they had the audacity to criticize the president. “We’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas,” they famously said.

Of course, times change. The Bitchers now say things like, “Our president wants to destroy America,” and that’s a-okay and hunky dory with the flag waving phonies.

Times have changed indeed. In an exponentially hypocritical sort of way.

Next challenge: Get country and western radio to play K.D. Lang. Get that done and who knows? Maybe we can be a civilized society again!

Survivors win wrongful death suit of “Wee for a Wii” contestant

Wee for a WiiIt was reported yesterday that the survivors of a woman who died while participating in a radio station contest won a wrongful death lawsuit and were awarded $16.57 million in damages. The decision in this case was rendered by a 12-person jury.

The 28-year-old married woman and mother of two died of acute water intoxication after participating in a “Wee for a Wii” contest. The objective of the contest was a Nintendo Wii video game system. The prize was to be awarded to the contestant who consumed the most water without vomiting or urinating.

You can read the linked story for more information.

My question: Is the judgement against the radio station the proper outcome to a case like this? Where does the personal responsibility of choosing to participate end and the negligence of the contest organizers begin? I’m torn on this one and I think the answer is probably a little bit of both.

In a bit of a surprising news, it appears there may not be an appeal on the part of the defendants in this case:

Charles Sipkins, a spokesman for Entercom, said in a statement: “Jennifer Strange’s death was a tragedy. Our hearts go out to all of her loved ones, including, in particular, her husband and children. While legal restrictions preclude us from commenting further on the verdict, we respect the jury’s decision and hope that it will assist the Strange family in coping with its loss.”

Certainly not an ironclad statement by any stretch of the imagination, but it has an odd tone of concession to it in a case like this.

Video coverage:

Television advertisers ask: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!

Family televisionThis post addresses something that has bothered me for years. In fact, I blogged about it way back in the late 1990’s. OK, I admit, I didn’t call it a “blog” back then. But I did have a section of what I called my “home page” (aka web site) where I ranted about various things. The topic of this posting was one of them.

Ever notice how television commercials are louder than regular programming? I noticed it and complained about it over 10 years ago and it still bothers me to this day. And lately I’ve been noticing it get worse. A lot worse.

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