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Taking a Shot at the Gun Debate


Propaganda being passed around on the Facebook.

I recently made the point that unbalanced power, control and influence is a bad thing. That kind of inequity leads to extreme positions, injustice and unfairness. This opinion is based on the principle that power corrupts.

The NRA is the most influential lobbying group in the United States. Wikipedia says the NRA has 4.3 million members. But what groups exist to counter the NRA? To offer opposing points of view? To provide a little balance? I found one called the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Wikipedia says they have less than 28,000 members.

It’s my opinion that when it comes to gun control there are many statements thrown about that sound like truisms at face value but are actually logical fallacies. Groups like the NRA use this to create confusion and misunderstanding to their advantage.

In this post I’ll ponder some of these nuggets of debate and offer my take. It’ll be a pistol-whippin’ good time.
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Romney Strikes Back

Image source: Wikipedia

A PolitShort Quickie from the Abyss…

You remember Mitt Romney, don’t you?

Oh yeah, he’s the guy who’s first commercial of his 2012 presidential campaign went after Obama using a misleading quote taken out of context.

So, you might ask: What’s he up to these days?

According to an email sent by Gail Gitcho, his Director of Communications, he’s upset that Obama took a poke right back at him. Whaaa!

Yep. “They’re at it again,” she says. President Obama and his “Democrat allies” are running a “kill Romney campaign.” Really? Let’s not mince words or exaggerate, eh? Get the word “kill” in there.

The fact that Obama ran an anti-Romney ad 344 days before the presidential elections proves, they say, that that Obama is worried about losing to Romney.

The Romney campaign laments the “negative attacks” against Obama’s “greatest threat,” Mitt Romney.
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