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Great Google-y Moogly!

There’s an urban myth that states: A frog thrown in water hot enough to be lethal will leap out and live to leap again another day. But a frog put in regular water that is slowly heated will remain blissfully unawares and hang around until … wait for it … he croaks.

Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a lot like the protagonist, our hero, The Frog. And the nemesis, the hot water? Our very own beloved Google.

As time went by I found myself in “hot water” more and more often. First Google offered to turn my bread into toast. Then it offered to butter that toast. Now all of the sudden it is picking out the jams and even puts it in my mouth and chews for me.

All I have to do is swallow. Isn’t that convenient?
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Employee Handbook

phil read the employee handbookSome days I’m in the mood to write. And I write plenty. On others, my writing is forced and feels like pulling teeth.

This is one of the latter.

Just a sec and I’ll tug a thread from the majestic tapestry of life and see what unspools…

Okay, the words “Employee Handbook” just materialized in my mind. Let’s see where that leads. Yep, Day Two of a four-day weekend (unpaid) and I’m thinking about work. That’s power of the mind fuck whammy they’ve put on me.
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