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The best Elvis impersonation you’ll ever hear

[picapp src=”a/e/b/b/P_J_Proby_4e7d.jpg?adImageId=7624313&imageId=2820250″ width=”234″ height=”239″ /]

As an Elvis Presley fan (yes it’s true) I recently discovered the music of PJ Proby (pictured on the left circa 1960). I was searching for one of the greatest Elvis songs of all-time, Fun in Acapulco, and came across a video that contained two versions of the song. The first is a “demo” cut by Proby. The second is the official version that was later released by Elvis. If you listen to both versions (which are contained in the same video below) I think you’ll agree that Proby does a very remarkable job. He may very well be the first and greatest Elvis impersonator there ever was.

Proby also portrayed Elvis Presley in a theatrical production of Elvis – The Musical, winning a Best Musical of the Year award in 1977.

I’m in the mood for a little musical break, so here’s two versions of the same song, Fun in Acapulco. First Proby, then Elvis himself. Enjoy!