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My Top Tweets of 2013

I found an aggregator that compiled my “best” tweets of 2013 as calculated based on quantity of interactions. Quantity, not quality. Yes, these are the crème de la crème, the coup de disgrâce if you will. If you boiled my tweets from 2013 this batch represents the skim, that thin layer on top that would have normally been scooped out.

It’s somewhat interesting that all of my top tweets top place in October, November and December. That’s obviously because I was pacing myself. Yeah, right. I’ve been doing twitter for about 3.96 years and only last October did anyone notice. That’s just perfect.

Here there are, the top 10 least sucky tweets as determined by a computer.

  1. Dec 8 – Why do you hate me? And use your big words this time.
  2. Nov 14 – I know, for security reasons, I shouldn’t reveal my destination ahead of time, but what the hell! I’m going to the movies.
  3. Oct 30 – Yeah, because if there is one thing the Walton heirs truly understand, it is personal achievement. @LibertyBelleJ
  4. Nov 26 – Birth control on your health plan doesn’t violate your religious views unless you use it.
  5. Oct 23 – We need to find some way to take the focus on winning out of politics. Win culture is ultimately destructive. @LibertyBelleJ
  6. Nov 24 – Tell your friends about me. That’s how this social media shit works, asshole.
  7. Nov 28 – Let us also ban coverage for circumcisions and injuries resulting from beatings, fasting and faith-based healing. @LibertyBelleJ #parenting
  8. Dec 19 – Too many websites are crashing and freezing @googlechrome for interminable periods of time. Going back to @firefox as my primary browser.
  9. Dec 19 – Perhaps there’s a benefit to making gun ownership for criminals as difficult as possible. @NeoConAtheist @Paula68154 @shemararae @Birdseye1
  10. Dec 11 – School officials are “taking a lot of heat” for canceling classes due to cold weather. That is so punny! #journalism

Demotivational Message of the Day

Demotivational Message of the Day

Spread Your Wings


Thursday Tweet Beat

Shot with the tranquilizer gun so I could brush its teeth, here we examine all of my tweets from Thursday of this week, archived here for your refusal. Beyond here there be dragons. And cheesecake. But don’t try to eat it. Its probably got poop on it.
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Let’s Give Them Something To Tweet About

There. A little something for you to follow.

Note: Internet search tells me I’m only the 42 millionth person to think up the title used for this post. Maybe those 42 million other bozos can tweet about how unoriginal I am.

Ah, Twitter. Cruel mistress of pain and delight. An effective combination to be sure. Today I’m going to go random on the topic of Twitter. To honor the spirit of the subject matter, I’m going to try to limit my piths to 140 characters or less. (That’s a big plus for most of you right there!)

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The One Word Writing Challenge – Presidential Edition

It’s time for a writing challenge.

Wow. I can’t believe I’m even going to joke about that. Some crazy person might decide to get back on the net and issue some damn drabble or thirty-word story challenge and then where would I be?

Ah, what the hell. I’m willing to risk it.

I’ve had an email discussion with a friend from across the aisle for weeks about Obama and Romney. Specifically the discussion revolved around one-word descriptions for each of the presidential wannabes. Just a single word. If you sincerely try, finding one and only one word to encapsulate most anything is pretty damn hard to do.

Then along comes with with the “#DefineObamaInOneWord” hashtag thingy. Once again Twitter is aping my awesome creativity and stealing my idea. Sorry, Twitter. This was my idea from weeks ago and I’ve got the emails to prove it.

The one-word writing contest:

Define Obama, Romney or both, using only one-word each. Reply to this post with your entries.

By the way, if you enter multiple times, you weaken the “one-word-ness” of your entry. Think about it.

True pith is hard. If it was easy everyone would do it. So this is your big chance to pith on my blog. You’re not going to pass that up, are you?