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Don’t be afraid of the dark energy

Universe contentRandomly surfing the net, I find things. This time it is an interesting graph from NASA.

According to this graph, the universe was 63% dark matter only 13.7 billion years ago. These days dark, though, matter has slipped to 23%. Dark energy is the new master at a whopping 72%.

Also alarming is the drop in “atoms” from 12% to only 4.6% now.

Neutrinos and photons have apparently gone the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo.

What does this all mean? By my calculations the end of the world is right on schedule for 2012. By then the deadly combination of dark matter and dark energy should complete squeeze all the remaining atoms out of this graph.

I don’t think even the mighty space shuttle tile can help us with this one. It was nice knowing ya.