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Wheat the Thin People

snack headI think the progression of human civilization has gone a little something like this:

Stone Age ~ Copper Age ~ Bronze Age ~ Iron Age ~ Industrial Revolution ~ Atomic Age ~ Space Age ~ Information Age

But what comes after the Information Age?

I think I have figured that out. It’s the pinnacle of human achievement, at least until the Nano Age gets here.

I’m talking about, of course, the Wheat Thins Age.

Once a civilization has achieved a sufficient number of varieties of Wheat Thins, then you know they really got their shit going on. Oh, snap!

There isn’t a precise science to calculating when the Wheat Thins Age has been reached, but I think it’s about ten. Let’s see how many we can find. Continue reading →

Michael Vick’s birthday bash goes to the dogs

Geez, can’t a guy get a break even on his birthday?

Michael Vick attended his 30th birthday bash recently. While there, one of his long time buddies all the way back from their high school days got shot in the leg. I guess he just attracts the good times.

Vick then showed his scrambling skills by repeatedly claiming, “I had nothing to that incident.” Police, however, have failed to rule out anyone as a suspect at the “party,” including Vick.

Apparently Vick also charged admission to his party. NFL salaries are hard to live on, eh?

Hell, my 30th birthday was just a bit of ice cream and cake.

The courage of Michael Vick

Poor Michael Vick. This poor little victim of circumstance has been put through the school of hard knocks and then some.

Finally, he is getting the kind of positive recognition and accolades he deserves.

Vick’s teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles recently voted, as a team, to give the beleaguered quarterback the Ed Block “Courage” Award.

By all means, let us celebrate the “courage” of Michael Vick. Is it the “courage” to face that what you did was wrong and that you’ve repented? Not exactly. It’s more like the “courage” to say, “Hey, come on now. It’s in the past. Can’t we move on? Let’s leave the past behind.” Right on, Vick!

If there is one thing the NFL does well it is promoting the type of values we can all appreciate and enjoy.

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation on its web site says it “is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children and ending the cycle of abuse.” I can’t think of a better spokesperson for that than Michael Vick. What has Vick done in the area of child abuse? Nothing that I’ve ever heard of.

Who was Ed Block? According to the foundation web site, he was “the longtime head athletic trainer of the Baltimore Colts who was a pioneer in his profession and a respected humanitarian.” Again, that sounds like a perfect match for Vick.

Fuck you, NFL!