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In Praise of Praise (reblog)

My live tweet coverage of the Oscars:

Personally I think they could have mentioned the number “84” a few more times. Lost opportunity here.

Just a few minutes in and I already wanted to kill myself because I scored perfect zeros on success, beauty and fame. The Oscars were underway!

He didn’t bring his A game. And I couldn’t hear him during his song. The music was way too loud and his mic was way too low. Perhaps they should have rehearsed before going live.

I wonder how much Nasonex paid for the shot.

I’ve heard a lot about The Help, mainly that the movie changed too much from the book, but I didn’t know anything about a poop pie. Count me in!

I have nothing negative to say about her. She’s incredible.

Ah. Bring on the nipple slip controversy. Some TV stations are doing the blur thing. Idiots. I raised my Slippery Nipple and toasted her dress (or lack thereof) and cursed the existence of “wardrobe tape.”

Real human emotion. Oh shit. It’s affecting me. Next!

Hugo! No, you go. Please. Why don’t you both go? In your Yugo.

Diet Coke aimed for cheese and succeeded brilliantly. As in, “I just threw up in my Diet Coke.” Ellen, however, was the bomb. Her commercial actually made me miss regular TV.

All night long, only when the Oscars were on (and not during commercials) there was something wrong with the audio. Some sort of weird background or feedback effect. My wife described it as honking. Whatever it was, I think they did the best thing possible by not making any attempts to fix it. It was probably a subliminal track instructing us all to think that Martin Scorsese is somehow cute.

After that I became very disinterested and didn’t tweet again.

Catherine Sherman

Sally Field’s “You like me!” Academy Award Acceptance Speech for “Places in the Heart.”

Tonight is the 84th annual Academy Award  (Oscar) show. I’ve only seen one of the main movies up for an award, so I don’t know how interested I’ll be in watching, but the Oscar show brought to mind Sally Field’s acceptance speech when she said, “You like me.”  I watched the broadcast when Sally Field made this acceptance speech, and I did see the movie, “Places in the Heart,” which brings me to the point of this post, which is not about the movies but about being acknowledged.  Most of us want to be liked or approved of in some way.   Strangely, many people also seem to be very stingy with praise, even when it’s warranted.  Millions of words have been written about how easily we toss around compliments so much that the praise is…

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Oscar wrap-up post

Click here for my Oscar wrap-up coverage. (Link goes to YouTube.)

I will now enumerate all of my pithy comments regarding the Oscars.

The end.