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Throw Momma From The Brain #dark #morose #skipit

What are the odds? My wife and I are just lucky I guess. In the span of only a few weeks we got to witness not one but two horrible displays of human nature, and both in the same place.

There’s a tiny little cafe in our town where the prices are decades behind the times and the portions are huge and the food is yummy. The service is old school and top notch. It’s a tiny little place around the corner from the music store where they still peddle ancient things like CDs. The cafe doesn’t offer wifi and they don’t take plastic. It’s cash only. There are only eight booths. It also happens to be the kitchen side of a local bar. Going there is like traveling back in time.

Except for one thing. The iDevices. This evil spawn has infected even our little cafe. Dammit.

Recently we saw an elderly couple come in and sit on the same side of a booth and wait. Soon they were joined by their daughter and granddaughter, both of whom had their noses buried in their iDevices. I’m not even sure they said hi. Finally all together it was time to order.

What happened next was the damnedest thing.
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Trainspotting and Redshirting: Two Great Tastes

Dammit, I want some answers! And right on the train tracks, too. Dammit, man!

I had to consult the Demotivational Dictionary when writing this post since I was unfamiliar with both of the headline terms. It was interesting and educational to say the least!

trainspotting – the process of trains not equipped with waste storage tanks discharging untreated sewage directly onto train tracks.

redshirting – in fiction, a plot device to heighten tension and indicate peril towards main characters, by introducing a stock character who soon dies.

I was going to try to make this post compelling. Too late. That train has already done left the station. Stinky! Now the backwalking begins. Anyone want a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup before we start?

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