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The Betrayal

Credit: niccha03

Credit: niccha03

Slay me, betray me
Filet me, all the way me.
Douse me in alcohol
Set me aflame and flambé me.

It was rapidly approaching 8pm. Darkness was engulfing the land. Wearily my wife and I made our way to the bedroom. It was time for the nightly ritual of getting ready for bed. The end of another long day.

For me, going to sleep is like giving up. It’s saying, “Once I close my eyes it will be time to open them again, on a new day, and do all of this stuff all over again.” Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I can’t imagine a more gloomy sentiment.

Yet little did I know at that moment the betrayal that was heading my way before I’d even had the chance to experience that sadness. I wasn’t going to make it to bed unscathed.
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Goose Lodge: Title This Photograph


Just a little photo I snapped earlier today. My wife suggested a title. I came up with the other one. Who should win? You get to decide. Vote early and often.

Make the jump for more photographs from today.
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Fall Colors #photography

IMG_6272Last Saturday, to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, my wife and I loaded up the car and took her into the hills for a little photography trip. Thanks to my aunt’s GPS we know that the trip involved a couple of hours and a climb of 4,000 feet in elevation from home base to advanced base camp. We were a mile high.

The goal of the day was “fall colors” and they were out in full display. Unfortunately all of the best shots were only visible from the highway. If you found someplace to pull over suddenly the world got boring. The colors would apparently run and hide. Nice one, nature.

We had a very loose plan. After we arrived we were going to play it by ear. And we were also trying to stay ahead of the weather. After months of no rain, it was very stormy, but when we came out the other side it was actually a pretty nice day.

One of the gals spotted a sign that hinted about eagles and a park. We took off down the road which seemed extremely private and extremely unpaved. A few miles in we finally gave up and turned around. Later, once we were back home, a check of the internet revealed that if we had keep going a little farther it would have been a nice spot to see bald eagles. Oh darn.
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Weed Oasis [Nature Photograher]

I rather like this shot. I used an iPod with the sun behind me and to my right. Logistically I had to hold the iPod far to my right to avoid my shadow in the shot and I could barely compose because sunlight was reflecting from the display directly into my eyeballs. To complete my bitching, the way I was holding the iPod made it very hard to touch the button to take the shot.

I ain’t sayin’ this is a work of art but I still like how it turned out. For once one of my pictures actually tells a “story,” something that has been beaten into me repeatedly. What the hell. At least it ain’t another sign shot! And for those of you who thought this photo might be some other kind of “weed” oasis I offer my apologies for wasting your time.

I originally shared this photo on Twitter under the title, “Miracle of Life.”

Weed Oasis

The hungry tree frog

Tree frog watches and waits

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The Camping Incident

When we last left our intrepid explorer, he was lugging an amazing distance all of the potable water to camp for four days and three nights. (See post Let’s Go Camping.) We now resume with events leading up to The Incident.

When I camp I go all animal and surprise those who know me. Those who think I’ll somehow wither in the great outdoors. I get all the water, gather wood, and start fires.

True, on that first night, I was extremely careful about where I went pee. I scouted out secluded locations and carefully checked for anyone who might be in the vicinity. (We were camped right by the trail that runs along the creek.) By the next day, however, the animal had kicked in and I went whenever and wherever the urge hit. I’d wave at people as they walked by. Continue reading →

To boldly go where some asshole has gone before

Assholes in nature beer can garbageAh! The great outdoors. I’m fortunate to live in what I consider the best spot on planet Earth. Just minutes in any direction can be found natural wonders. Rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, the ocean and more.

Having an active imagination, it is easy for me to escape from reality as I hike through the forest. “When was the last time another human was here?” I may ask myself. Who knows. It could be years, maybe even decades.

But then…

I look down at my feet and see one of the most grotesque sights imaginable. Something like an aluminum beer can. Ugh. The trick is trying to keep it from making me angry.

It is easy to drift off into imagination and think, “All I need is a time machine and an assault rifle. I’ll nip this problem in the bud!” Oh yes, that is a very satisfying thought.

What is the scope of this sort of thing? I can go to any wilderness reserve or area. Hike in a random direction for miles. Stop. Scan around my feet. The probability is ~ 99.99 percent that some form of human trash will be visible. It might be a cigarette butt, broken glass from a beer bottle, a beer bottle cap, a beer can, a cigaratte pack or a soda bottle/can. It’s simply astounding the number of assholes it must take to be so blaise and produce that amount of trash.

This is also why I don’t believe in karma. I’ve thought about it, really thought about it, and I can’t remember tossing a piece of trash, not once, in my entire life. Yet everwhere I go I encounter the trash of other jerks. No karma!

I’ll keep exploring the beautiful outdoors and I feel fortunate to live where I do, but as I keep finding ugly trash, I’ll be dreaming for the day when the time machine is finally invented.