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Forest Grump #photography

Somewhere in the world is a road that winds its way through an incredible forest. We were passing through and my wife knew of a place where there was a single parking spot by a trail that led into that forest. One moment we were in a beautiful sunny day and the next we were in an ancient world of earthy smells where sunlight couldn’t reach the forest floor, cool air tingled our skin, sounds were strangely muted and we were surrounded by a thousand shades of green.

“I think we’re in The Hobbit trilogy,” I muttered wisely.

I’m not saying these are good photographs. They do nothing to communicate the totality of what it was like to be in that truly unique environment. But they’re all I’ve got so I’m still going to share.

The trail leading in.

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Shut it down!!

Last night was my three-week anniversary of going vegetarian. 21 full days with no cheating. Wow. To celebrate, I decided to make something new for dinner. I also wanted to do something nice for Mrs. Abyss who racked up 10 hours of overtime this week and was also pulling an extra holiday shift hawking wine at a local gift shop because we need the extra money.

By the way, you earn bonus points if you noticed that the subject line for this post is my Gordon Ramsay impersonation after he saw what I tried to serve in the Abyss kitchen. “Did you taste this?” he yelled at me, seriously hurting my feelings.

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