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bank-robberI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What of Mediocre Fred?

For newbies, Mediocre Fred is a decent, honest, hard-working guy. He doesn’t cheat on his taxes, obeys the law and is kind to small furry creatures. As such, he’s not exactly rewarded like a paragon of the American way.

Here in America we base our entire system of government on one simple principle: No freeloaders. You have to work for a living. As a nation we abhor the notion of those who work the system to get the promised land of freebies without pulling their own weight. Well, at least on the bottom end of the scale.

Mediocre Fred has worked every week of his life since he was 16. When still in school he worked part-time. After graduating with his high school diploma, he went full-time and has never looked back.

Over the decades Mediocre Fred has always worked. He’s had no pension, 401k plan, health insurance, vacation or paid days off. He just works. And when his fellow workers tried to unionize and the company closed and bulldozed the store and built a new non-union store across the street, Mediocre Fred always seemed to land on his feet. He’d just get a new job and keep his nose to that grindstone.

That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?
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Feeling Minimum

PUT POLITICIANS ON MINIMUM WAGE & WATCH HOW FAST THINGS CHANGEAnd now, for something completely different, I’m going to attempt to present a reasoned, well thought-out argument on the topic of minimum wage.

Fuck off with all that shit!!!

What do you think? How’d I do?

OK, I give. I guess this will be more of my usual blather and not something truly exceptional. No big surprise there. I mean, what are the odds???

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about minimum wage ever since my boss made some sort of flippant comment along the lines of, “There shouldn’t even be minimum wage laws.” Well spoken, sir!

This begs the question: If businesses could pay less, would they? (This is rhetorical. Anyone who dares answer “no” doesn’t live on the same plane of existence as me.)

It is easy to construct a geometrical proof that a person who is against minimum wage law therefore believes that some people should make less money. Continue reading →