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Microtears Of A Clown #wink

BESTPIX Toilet Themed Exhibition Attracts Visitors

Why? I don’t know. This image spoke to me.

So the other day I was reading this article about poop and thongs (it’s my way) when a line of text reached out and grabbed me:

Wipe thoroughly but gently. Too much friction may cause microtears, which are more prone to infection if fecal matter gets inside them.

Source: Jezebel.com – Why Is There Poop on My Thong? An Investigation

If you’re anything like me (and you’re probably not) your first reaction might be, “Hey, motherfucker! That’s some goddamned useful information.”

My lot in life is to be behind the times and bring up the rear.

Now I understand as well as the next person that in our fear-based taboo-driven culture we’re supposed to figure out most valuable life knowledge via “self-exploration.” But where do we draw the line? Perchance maybe this nugget of wisdom should have risen to the level of being lore that might have been passed on?

Young people have to rely on adults to share the true mysteries of life. We simply aren’t born with the ability to glean it all on our own.

Where adults fail, education is supposed to finish the job. Yet, somehow, none of my classes ever got around to a topic like this. Not health class. Not home economics. Not wood shop. Not even my favorite class, Septics 201.

Now, in my twilight hours, I’m forced to rely on a snarky internet post to finally explain the facts of life when, really, it’s information that should have been brought to my attention yesterday. Only now, at the end, do I finally understand.

I can’t help but wonder what else I don’t know.


micro-gastriqueI still wake up sometimes. I wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the micro-lettuce.

Yes, for those counting, that’s two references to the same movie in the last three posts. I cut like a micro-ginsu!

If you’re not micro-plating yet you should be. Micro-utensils down!

If you like small things, that hopefully bodes well for me and this post.

Today I’m here to brag about my new restaurant and cutting edge (heh) logo design. Yeah, I made that.

Introducing MICRO. It’s flavor deconstructed but mostly shrunk. And, contrary to popular belief, we don’t offer reductions. Some things go too far.
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Twitter on the creep

With this tweet, I boldly forayed into the world of Twitter. Since then, I’ve done the 140 thing 3,836 times. I did the math and that works out to an average of 7.24 tweets per day. Yeah, that sounds about right.

In my travels I’ve learned one thing and I’ve learned it well. If a thought pops into my head I’d better record it fast, or it will die a quick death and never see the light of day ever again. That’s where Twitter comes in. At home, work, or with my little handheld device, if I have a thought that I like, I jam it into the Twitter. Now it’s safe!

It has been one year, five months and 15 days since I started my “timeline.” (Wow. That almost makes it sound like I wasn’t living before Twitter.) During that time I have followed 145 people. Twitter tells me that 112 people are currently following me, and I estimate less than half the number are real people. The rest are some kind of bot and/or people who just follow lots in the hopes of gaining reciprocal follows. To them, Twitter is a numbers game and the one with the most followers wins. Just an FYI: You can’t take your followers with you when you die.

Me? I’m a bit more choosey. On average I’d followed someone only once every 4.9 days. I don’t like my timeline going all apeshit and overloading me with incoming tweets so I really have to find someone interesting before I’ll make that level of commitment. Twitter tells me that the first person I ever followed was Catherine Sherman (@cathsherman) who was one of my very first friends on WordPress and still a good friend today!

I have never followed anyone in the hopes that they’ll return the favor. Nor have I ever unfollowed anyone because they won’t follow me. The law of mandatory reciprocity does not apply. It’s nice when the level of interest is two way, but I’m not going to unfollow someone just because they have good taste! (Heh.)

I have unfollowed people before, but it is rare. Usually it is because I feel overwhelmed by the volume of their tweets. Some people tweet 100 times a day or more! Even I don’t have that many thoughts in a single day, a much fewer that are of any interest. (Even then there may be debate about the ones I let through!)

What sparked all of the Twitter contemplation was someone I interacted with recently. He has only been on Twitter for three days. He has tweeted 18 times. (That’s very close to my average.) And he follows a whopping 775 people! That’s over 250 follows per day.

Meanwhile,  he has 207 followers (which blows me out of the water) and has already been “listed” four times. Apparently those lists are automated because they say, “A self-updating list showing who recently followed me (made using @formulists).”

The success of someone on Twitter only three days who doubles me in followers can be discouraging. However, I am resisting the urge to do anything differently. I prefer sending and receiving quality, and that’s how I’m going to continue. I can’t imagine much worse than reading a bunch of crap from people where I have absolutely no interest.

If I follow you, that’s generally a good sign. You can take it as a compliment!

A Twitter Tip

Lastly, I’d like to close with a tip. What to do about people I want to follow even when they overly tweet their asses off?

I think there are two kinds of people I follow. Those that I’m very interested in and those I’m sort of interested in. The former group I try to read everything they say. With the later group, though, I don’t care if I miss a few every now and again.

How do I handle this?

I installed TweetDeck and use the Twitter feature of “lists” to separate those groups. For the A-Listers, I created a group called “Inner Circle.” Everyone else gets placed in a group called, strangely enough, “Everyone else.”

Both groups are private since they are for my own internal use only.

I’ll admit it is a bit of a hassle sorting people into these groups, but it is a one-time only activity.

Once that is done, create a “column” in Tweet Deck for each group. My first column is dedicated to the “Inner Circle” and the next column is for “Everyone Else.” I try to keep up on the first column. The other columns in Tweet Deck I read as time permits.

I hope you’ll find this tip useful.

Exact quote from the boss

And I quote: “Please reply and let me know that you have received this email and understand.”

Just about every email from the boss (and the manager he personally trained) includes a line similar to this one. (The quote above was copied verbatim from one of his recent emails.)

Is it just me or is that offensive as hell? Especially when you see that phrase several times a day – every day – of your work life.

The content that comes with that phrase is usually too inane to put into words. Something like, “Bob will be processing all refund requests from now on except when the customer originally paid with Visa and lives west of the Mississippi river.” Ah, yet another rule with built-in exceptions.

In the work place, there are exceptions to every rule. “This is the formula for calculating retail price except when it is a Tuesday following a full moon and the boss’ tummy feels ticklish. He calls that instinct.” Whatever. Bottom line is that exceptions mean we chickens have to remember double the stuff we would otherwise have to. First you have to remember the rule and then you have to remember the exceptions to the rule.

Exceptions are basically a way of guaranteeing mistakes. “We always do this except when this is the case.” Mess it up a single time and management will be there to grill you about why you didn’t “triple check.”

So anyway, I’ve just read another nonsensical email that flies in the face of all logic. Suddenly it feels like I’ve got three bowling balls on each arm as I reach for my computer and struggle to click the REPLY button in my email program.

I’m then forced to write something like this (a root canal would be more enjoyable):

Dear Boss,

I have received your email. Yes, I understand that 2 + 2 = 4.


Why do I always end up working for people less intelligent than myself? Is that a great irony or what? But that’s a topic for another post.

These emails will also usually have another line that says, “Print this email and confirm that you have posted it by your computer.”

The other day our manager called my co-worker a mere two hours after the email was sent and the conversation went down something like this:

Attilla: Did you receive my email?
Mickey: Yes.
Attilla: Did you read it?
Mickey: Yes.
Attilla: Did you understand it?
Mickey: Yes.
Attilla: Did you print it?
Mickey: Yes.
Attilla: Did you post it by your computer?
Mickey: No.
Attilla: Zoiks, Scoob! Where is it then?
Mickey: On my desk.
Attilla: You’re going to need to post that.
Mickey: OK. I will. It’s just that I’ll need to refer to it when I go to the warehouse so I thought …
Attilla: No, I very clearly said I wanted that posted. Do it now. I’ll wait. Let me know when it’s done.
Mickey: Hang on.
Mickey: OK, it’s posted.
Attilla: It’s posted by your computer?
Mickey: Yes.
Attilla: Good job.

Poor little Mickey Mouse. He had to print two copies of the Most Important Memo of All Time. One to post by his computer like the idiotic myopic single-minded manager demanded and another copy to take with him so he could actually refer to it as he did his job. I observed this conversation and what happened next. Mickey looked dejected, angry, sad, miserable, beaten down and like his dog had just been shot. In management terminology that’s called a “win-win.”

Nothing says “I think you are totally incapable of functioning as a human being” than “I can’t even trust you to read and understand an email.” Fuck, if that’s really true, what does it say about the moron who hired that person? What a a great way to encourage employee productivity.

Score another victory for nano-management. I’d call it “micro” but that’s friggin’ huge compared to what these guys do…