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Random musings on #Ferguson

The #1 result in Google Images for a search of "Ferguson Missouri Police Department."

The #1 result in Google Images for a search of “Ferguson Missouri Police Department.”

I’ve been thinking about recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. I’ve been trying to control my brain and avoid leaping to conclusions.

I preface the following thoughts with this disclaimer: I’m a big fan of law enforcement. They have a tough job. They have my empathy. They have an extremely necessary function in a society that is populated with far too many assholes. We need them.

I’ve never been a cop but I know a few. I have never walked a mile in their shoes. To those who say that means I’m not entitled to my opinion or that I’m somehow unable to form cogent (but possibly erroneous) conclusions from a different vantage point, I only say this: It is possible to form conclusions without having been there first. If that wasn’t true, humans would have never been able to leave Earth and visit outer space.

Therefore, opinions and conclusions about police by non-police shouldn’t automatically be rejected out of hand on that basis alone. That would be a logical fallacy. If you want to reject ideas, find a better rebuttal than that.

Thought #1

“It is a failure of civilization when an armed person kills an unarmed person.”
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Speak No Evil, Tweet No Evil

Here in the Abyss we are proud to afford equal time for opposing points of view. In this episode, humor columnist Michael A. Stusser finds himself under a cloud of negativity and seeks out a “positivity intervention.” Let’s watch!

Speak No Evil, Tweet No Evil
Michael A. Stusser

Perhaps it was the corrosive nature of the websites I frequented. Maybe it was the inebriated pack of bullshitters I hung out with and our constant blasphemous banter, or the incessant cable-news cycle where frenzied and extreme viewpoints crowd out reasoned deliberation. Then again, it could have been the naked photos I found of my wife with another man that finally sent me over the edge. Regardless of the last straw, an omnipresent cloud of negativity was slowly but surely poisoning my future—and I aimed to do something about it.
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Podcast: Episode 2 of the Tom B. Taker Show is now online

Are you ready for some podcast?

Welcome to the party, all my bloggy friend [sic],
A Saturday Night Bash on the Abyssian!
The shame of the week is about to incite
Time to kick shit and turn off the lights
My pressure is rising, strap in and hold tight
I’m gonna blow my top just like every night
C’mon and get ready
I mean really ready
Are you ready for some podcast?
A Saturday blight farty
The whole abyss is crockin’, let’s get the brick carted
Launch this thing, blaze the roof, that’s right
All my bloggy friend [sic] is here on Saturday night

Yes, it’s quite the thriller doing the moonwalk with Billy Jean. But then again, I’ve always been a little off the wall. Know what I’m saying, sister? If you don’t like the man in the mirror (just like me) then you can go beat it!

If you’ve got 29 seconds of free time in your life (and who doesn’t?) swing by and check out the long-delayed Episode 2 of my audio podcast, won’t you? It’d be just like being forced to apologize if you’d spare me 29 seconds of your life.

The Tom B. Taker Show – Episode Two: The Wife Strikes Back

The Tom B. Taker Show – Episode 2 (Wife Strikes Back)

Yeah, the wife made me do it. I personally thought this audio was quite tasteless, ribald and way over the top. If society forces me to apologize for this, that is what I’ll say. As usual, blame it on the wife. She made me.

At least I know it won’t be as bad as Hank Williams Jr. At least I hope not.

Michael Vick’s birthday bash goes to the dogs

Geez, can’t a guy get a break even on his birthday?

Michael Vick attended his 30th birthday bash recently. While there, one of his long time buddies all the way back from their high school days got shot in the leg. I guess he just attracts the good times.

Vick then showed his scrambling skills by repeatedly claiming, “I had nothing to that incident.” Police, however, have failed to rule out anyone as a suspect at the “party,” including Vick.

Apparently Vick also charged admission to his party. NFL salaries are hard to live on, eh?

Hell, my 30th birthday was just a bit of ice cream and cake.