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Resolution Recap: One-twelfth


So long, January 2011. We hardly even knew ya.

Can you believe it? January 2011 is already in the books. Wow!

For me, February 1st represents Checkpoint Alpha on the resolutions. It’s time to check in and see how I’m doing so far.


Publish a Podcast: Technically this is done but it hardly counts as a success.

Drink More Water: Success. Boring.

Abstaining: Sugar, soda, coffee and World of Warcraft were all successfully avoided.

Shutterboo’s WPC 2011: I haven’t missed a week so far and only I’ve only cheated a little bit.

Blogging: I posted every day on Shouts From The Abyss and every week on Minimal Fridge.

Vegetarian: Success! But, I’m only barely hanging on.

Up In The Air (no noticeable improvement)

  • Being more honest
  • Be a better listener (wife says she’ll get back to me on this, at least I think that’s what she said)
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Be more moral and ethical

And last but not least…

Epic Failures

  • Eat out at restaurants less often
  • Find some way to finally give Jane her birthday present
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Commence work on my book and produce at least one publishable sentence
  • Keep my refrigerator as minimal as possible in the pursuit of 100% food efficiency
  • Invent a 27th letter of the alphabet

I think that’s about it for discussing resolutions this year. That topic has done been beat to death. I gotta get my mind on something else. See ya next year!

Testing my resolve

For 2011 I'd like my right foot to weigh less than 40. Also, I want to paint my toenails red.

“They” say that 80% of us will fail on our New Year’s resolutions. I like those odds so count me in!

Of course, one of mine was to get a post about resolutions up by Jan. 1. Oops. Missed it!

Personally I think waiting for a date on a calendar to try to make a change is a bit silly. If you want to improve something, go ahead and do it now. Why wait?

On the other hand, the first day of the year is a very easy day to remember. It will help you with one of the principles of Kaizen – namely, if you measure something it will improve. “How long has it been since I bit someone’s throat? Oh yeah, New Year’s Day. Now I remember!”

Before I pontificate further let’s do a little exercise together, shall we?

Grab a sheet of paper and write down your list of this year’s resolutions. No fair peeking ahead to find out what comes next! In fact, I’m going to do the jump thingy to enforce compliance. Fill out your sheet then click to continue reading.

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