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Chained Melody: Proletariat Steak


Please click the image to visit the artist’s website. Source: Ted Rall’s Rallblog.

Facebook privacy in a nutshell

Facebook privacy: What you really need to know

At long last, we can finally pull back the curtain on the wizard and explain, in language that all of us can understand, how privacy on Facebook works.

Step 1

You create some content and/or upload your shit to Facebook.

Step 2

Your shit is no longer private.

Step 3

There are no takebacks. Ever. An army of mindless robots, led by their fearless leader Google, will copy, index, and archive anything you put on the internet. There it will remain, completely and utterly outside of your direct control, for the vast infinite reaches of space and time.


Tens of thousands of years from now the shit you put on the internet will be found and will be the only evidence of our culture that remains, the only shred of information that proves we ever existed at all.

The bad news is your shit is not private. The good news is that in the year 22,010 you will be revered as a God and trillions will apply your teachings to their daily lives.

Let us pray.