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Horrible Bosses not horrible enough

Can you guess which one is the boss?

In writing this review I’m going to bare a little of my soul. You, the reader, will get a rare glimpse behind the facade to see the real Tom. So hold on to your britches.

I had heard about a movie called Horrible Bosses and, as you might expect, I was a bit intrigued. You see, I’m a devotee of the “my boss is a flaming bag o’ douche” genre, so just the mere idea of this movie grabbed me right from the start.

As usual, I didn’t even know this movie existed until it had already completed its commercial run. I don’t exactly keep up on trendy current events. In fact, I thought it was “coming soon” when it was already “done and gone.” I’m savvy that way. I’ve always had trouble keeping up with the cool kids.
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