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Creepiness follow-up: Hidden camera activist arrested

What’s the best way to go around exposing corruption? By breaking the law, of course! (Allegedly.)

I wrote about this James O’Keefe fellow back in September 2009 in a blog post entitled: Hidden camera politics is the new creepiness. O’Keefe posed as a pimp and got people at ACORN to say some unfortunate things to his hidden camera. He enjoyed his 15-minutes of fame and then some.

Now Mr. O’Keefe is back in the news. As Reuters puts it: Activist accused of tampering with senator’s phone.

This is a breaking story and details are still sketchy. But it seems O’Keefe just might have gone out and bought himself a heap ‘o serious trouble. A little organization known as the FBI would now like a bit of his time. I feel pretty sure that the authorities will take a rather dim view of attempting to interfere with a Senator’s phone in a Federal building. Indeed!

Of course, O’Keefe is innocent until proven guilty. But if this story pans out, score another victory for truth, justice and the American way. Oops. “The ends justifies the means.” Yep. That’s better. If he’s guilty, no doubt we’ll see a crybaby book extolling the virtues of “how to root out corruption by breaking the law.”

Some people just ain’t got no sense. Or morals. Or ethics. Again, allegedly.

If convicted, the four face a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a $250,000 fine, the FBI said.

Oh Lord, please hear my humble prayer!

Hidden camera politics is the new creepiness

Hidden camera hatAll’s fair in love and war, correct? Today’s new creepiness: Video camera “stings” by your political enemies.

Now for only about $200 you can own your own video camera surveillance hat complete with USB cable! Yes, it’s that easy! That makes it so accessible any wingnut can make a go of it!

When TV news used the hidden camera trick to catch bad guy mechanics unnecessarily charging to replace new oil filters, that was not so bad. Those guys needed to be stopped and the people with the cameras were motivated mostly by journalistic standards.

When it is your political enemies, though, all bets are off. They don’t have any obligation or desire to adhere to basic principles of journalism.

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