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Hack Online Dating

I thought I’d share this entertaining TED video. It’s from a highly intelligent woman who “hacked” social media to find true love. She didn’t like the framework provided by dating sites and went her own way. Bonus: In the video she makes use of data and graphs. She describes the techniques she used to take her online dating profile from 0 to a whopping 1,217 responses. (Unfortunately she fails to disclose how many of those were weinered.)

Fascinating stuff.

Spam hacked from the Abyss

EVIL CHICKEN!Just an FYI in case you didn’t already know…

I don’t email people in my address book with bullshit links to bullshit “Make More Than $12,000 a Month” websites.

E-V-A-R. Ever!!!

Like always, the evil is out there, pounding against our shields 24/7, probing for weakness, looking for cracks, hoping to real in another sucker stupid enough to fall for their lies.

This morning my Hotmail account was apparently compromised. When I started receiving quizzical emails from my friends, I knew something was up.

I suspected it was a spoof – just emails when that had been faked to look like they came from me. Still, it made me curious so I checked my “Sent” folder.

Holy shit. This morning between 6:23-6:24am my Hotmail account was used to send 15 fake emails that contained links. In the name of science I tried the links. They led to a website on a bullshit domain name. The page was copied from NBC news to look like a real news story, and proclaimed the awesomeness of making more than $15,000 a month.

Nicole Williams of , never thought that she would consider it, until curiosity got the best of her and she filled out a simple online form. Before she knew it, she discovered her secret to beating the recession, and being able to provide for her family while at home with her three children.

Apparently the page is supposed to be customized with the city of the victim, but in this case, the hackers were incompetent.

Anyway, this is just an FYI to my online friends to reassure you that I don’t send shit like that. I used a secure password but apparently it got hacked. I’ve already changed it.

I love it when the universe notices me.

Macrocost on zero day

Still running Windows XP like me on my home computer? Read on and enjoy:

We’ve all heard about computer exploits and security dangers. Recently announced was a good one. It affects Microsoft Windows (of course) and get this: multiple versions of Windows including the shiny new Windows 7 and all versions back to Windows XP.

The exploit can run malicious code on your computer, and that’s not a good thing.

Microsoft previously announced that it has ended support for Windows XP SP2 so that means Microsoft won’t be issuing a security patch for you folks. Too bad, so sad.

For those with more recent operating systems, yes, Microsoft is willing to help you out. They’ll be releasing a patch in an upcoming Windows update.

The flaw is apparently pretty serious. One article says that experts are predicting “extensive attacks.”

Running “modern” browsers (like those more recent than Internet Explorer 6) is said to make you “relatively safe.” You should only be using Internet Explorer 8, Firefox or Chrome. (Firefox is by far my personal favorite.) For safety I currently exclusive run Firefox 3.6.6, keep it fully updated, and also run the add-on NoScript which protects me on a case-by-case basis from malicious JavaScript. NoScript works by blocking JavaScript except on sites that you trust.

If you’re curious about the term “zero day,” like I was, this is what I found out: A zero-day exploit is one that exists and is known and/or used my malicious hackers prior to the software developer being aware of the flaw. Once again Microsoft is caught with their pants down.