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Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl as depicted on a German postage stamp. Credit: Wikipedia.

Sophie Scholl was hero who opposed the Nazi Third Reich during the Second World War.

Sophie was born May 9, 1921, in Forchtenberg, Germany. Her older brother Hans was a member of an organization known as White Rose, which consisted of students from the University of Munich and advocated peaceful and intellectual resistance to Nazi oppression and tyranny.

On February 18, 1943, Sophie was arrested along with her brother Hans at the University of Munich. The Scholls had come to the university with a suitcase containing White Rose leaflets. (The leaflet was sixth in a series written and distributed by the group. The full text of the translated leaflet is at the bottom of this post.)

While students attended classes, Sophie and her brother dropped stacks of the leaflets in hallways for students to find as they exited lecture rooms.

On their way out of the university, they noticed there were still some leaflets remaining in the suitcase. They decided to hurry back and distribute them. They proceeded up the stairs to the top floor near the atrium, where Sophie dramatically flung the leaflets into the air. Continue reading →