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Reblog: Are you a fanatic? (via the unabridged girl)

The phone in my office. Yes, it is REALLY a phone!

One of the walls in my office decorated with my lifetime of achievements.

After a viewing of some strange new movie I’ve never heard about, Kenzie asks the question, “Are you a fanatic?”

I decided to answer the question with my camera. The results are documented above. I’m a Trekkie and proud of it. (If you look closely on the wall you’ll also see Darth Vadar, R2D2 and the Millenium Falcon. So I’m not a purist.)

Note: I didn’t try to photograph my collection of dice lest someone out there be prompted to have me committed. (Probably still a good idea, though.)

are you a fanatic? One of my bestest (yup, totally used a non-word there) friends and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. No, we didn’t dress up, though plenty of people did, (which is a show in itself). This one guy (pictured below) went all out, dressing up as He Who Shall Not Be Named. … Read More

Pulling a computer training

An Itty Bitty Machines (IBM) computer processing some Social Security data in the 1950s.
Image source: Social Security Online.

We here at AFAIK (the Abyss Facility for Advanced Information Knowledge) have decided to publish “online” to the interwebs some of the courses offered in our Information Technology with Specialization in Input Devices doctoral program. Enroll today and take advantage of offerings from our syllabus including:

  • Left mouse button and right mouse button – What’s the difference?
  • Single-click and double-click – Understanding situational context
  • Upgrading  – Why things no worky after five years of refusing to install software updates
  • Task switching – An introduction to the concept that applications don’t have to be completely shut down in order to do something else
  • Lateral Hand Movement Minimization – A focus on keyboard shortcuts to prevent “tennis elbow” caused by an excess of user hand movements between the keyboard and mouse
  • Folders and Directories – An overview of file saving techniques with an emphasis on locations other than the Desktop
  • ALT and CTRL – Extending their power with the knowledge that they do different things
  • Webcam 101 – With new online services such as Chatroulette gaining in popularity, this class covers essentials like plugging in the webcam, starting the browser, entering the web address, and targeting the camera at the crotch area (men only)
  • One-Handed Typing Proficiency – This class provides real-world skills that are essential in a myriad of real-world situations with a specific focus on those wishing to move on to government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

AFAIK graduates are highly sought after in all walks of life. Major accomplishments by our alumni are documented in IT and scientific journals and include feats such as calculating a sum from a column of numbers, drawing a happy face in Microsoft Paint, typing up to 10 different and hilarious “emoticons” and successfully locating a picture of a grandchild that was saved to disk more than seven days in the past.

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Diced days until Christmas

Christmas diceDice fascinate me. I even collect them. (Geek alert #1.) Some of my earliest memories of programming involved dice simulations and usually included lines that looked something like this:

roll = INT(1+RAND()*6)

That little line of code generates an integer number from 1 to 6. I know, I know. Geek alert #2.

Some interesting facts about normal 6-sided dice. A die is a cube consisting of six faces that are perfect squares of identical size. The numbers displayed on the six faces range from 1 to 6. Additionally, the sum of two opposite sides of the die always add up to 7.

In our office last week the cutesy “Days Until Christmas” display showed up on the wall above the fax machine. It is powered by dice! How exciting. Make the jump to roll them bones.

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