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It walks like a duck

our-worldI had this science fiction vision once. It’s the farthest corner of the universe. Two humans find themselves in an alien jail. The jail is overflowing with multitudes of strange creatures, life forms and aliens. They all have differing numbers of eyes, noses, mouths and faces. Some are sticky to the touch.

Humans are extremely rare in that part of the galaxy. But, against all odds, somehow there are two of them in the very same jail. The jail is enormous, like eight times the size of the Death Star. That’s because it’s operated as a for-profit enterprise by some alien corporation. But that’s another story.

One day the two isolated humans happen to bump into each other.

In that moment, I imagine they’d find some thread of a shred of humanity and commonality that they would cling to like a life raft in that alien sea.
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Grams of Fuck

Something going around the Facebook today. I don’t normally share this shit but I guess it’s your lucky day. Another “fuck edition” of a fun-filled feckless Friday.
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Bumper fuck

Not the real thing - but a fucking close approximation

This was not supposed to be today’s post. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. Today I’m the bug. Of course, that’s about 99.99 percent of the time for me, so nothing new about that. Life was pretty rough on me today and I had to whip out this lame post with about 30 minutes to go lest I’d lose the “blog something every day” portion of NaBloPoMo’s challenge.

I don’t know why I even bother to leave the house without my camera. All this shit that goes on around me is worth documenting. I didn’t have my camera so I was forced to improvise the image on the left. 🙂 Yesterday it was this little nugget of wisdom on the bumper sticker on the car in front of me:


Ah yes, another pearl of wisdom from the locals around here. The two occupants looked like contestants from the Extreme Punk Makeover show. Not punk in a good way, either. Punk in a waste of human flesh sort of way.

Hopefully the events of today will bring me back tomorrow refreshed with more anger, bile and hate. Until then!