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Guru Movie View: The Paperboy

Movie still provided by Millennium Films. Copyright MXVIIVXIIMM. All rights reserved.

Movie still provided by Millennium Films. Copyright MXVIIVXIIMM. All rights reserved.

I don’t normally review movies as this space is reserved for more critical thoughts. This is a much needed one time exception. But I refuse to call this a “review.” I’m not going to re-view this shit ever again. -Ed.

Oops. Did the preceding comment give too much away? It was merely supposed to be a fluff piece of exposition to establish foundation. Spoiler alert. My bad. You might say I didn’t like this movie much. Now I’m going to spend some time trying to convince you why. If you like being pathetic and having absolutely no shame, read on with me, won’t you?

Nothing is worse than having a Netflix full of steaming streaming content. And yet there I was on the sofa, seven remote controls balanced carefully on my belly, and pounding my skull repeatedly with a hammer.

In that vein, I enthusiastically decided to queue up The Paperboy. I wasn’t quite ready to put my hand in the garbage disposal yet. At least, I hoped, someone was going to spread that paper on the floor and some business would get done. (Poop tag earned.)

Prima facie, the movie is presented to the public ostensibly as an “entertainment.”
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Top 10 Great Moments of Rob Corddry in Cinema and Film List

Congratulations discerning reader for clicking through to this post. Of all the flotsam on the sea of the internet you allowed this particular missive to penetrate your filter bubble. You obviously have impeccable taste, like me, which is why the name “Rob Corddry” catches your eye.
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Short Film: The Veiled Commodity

Today I’d like to share something serious with you. No, not my normal lunatic ravings but an issue of vital importance that touches us all whether we realize it or not.

I recently came across an excellent award winning short film called The Veiled Commodity. The film is an extremely powerful look at human trafficking and modern-day slavery. It is serious stuff and something that socially-conscious people must see. These issues are important and demand our attention and our action.

If you click the link above and visit the official web site you can currently watch the entire film for free. Just click the menu option that says, “the film.”

The Veiled Commodity is part one of a planned three-part series. Part one focuses on slavery’s past and present day issues. Parts two and three in the series will deal with related topics like sexual slavery and child soldiers.

The animation is top-notch and superbly captures the perfect mood for the content. The film is directed by Dickson Chow and Vinh Chung. The film is movingly narrated by Carmen Lezeth Suarez.

After you watch the film you can show your support by visiting the film’s Facebook page.

The issues explored in this movie are as timely as they are vital for us to face. For a topical example ripped from this week’s headlines see this video from the New York Times.

The people who brought you the film recommend the following organizations as ways you can help:

Human Rights Watch: http://www.hrw.org

Free The Slaves: http://www.freetheslaves.net

End Human Trafficking: http://www.endhumantrafficking.org

Not For Sale: http://www.notforsalecampaign.org

Polaris Project: http://actioncenter.polarisproject.org