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Hyppo and Critter: Religious Freedom


Hyppo and Critter: Personal Restraint

As a blabbermouth blogger I relish the irony of posting this one…

The joy of anonymous blogging

There I am!

I’m a blogger who made the decision going in that I wanted to remain anonymous. This was no frivolous decision. Indeed, it was something I gave a lot thought. Like any decision there are “pros” and “cons” to be considered, but in the end I realized that the ability to shoot off my mouth took precedence.

More than a few times now I’ve received comments and emails that have touched on this point. Someone will say, “I’m already posting under my real name so I could never say what you just did.” Or, “I sometimes wish I had stayed anonymous so I could talk about that issue, too.”

I’m a long time veteran of the internet. I was posting my thoughts back before Google and before the internet even had pictures. (It was called Usenet back then and it was text only.) Somehow Google got their hands on some of that Usenet stuff and it can still be found online today. Wow. That gives me a glimpse of the potential staying power of anything I write here. And, to be honest, once it is in the hands of Google it really it outside of my direct control.

Obviously if you are going to start a blog where you bitch about your job and tell the world the truth about your boss, it is probably wise that your boss won’t find out what you said, at least if you want to keep that job. (I don’t, but I’d rather control the timing of my leaving.) So, anonymity is key. Otherwise I never would have said most of the shit I’ve already written.

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