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Eighty Twenty

handshake-1Two guys were sitting around shooting the shit. Let us not play games and pretend that they were friends. Let’s just call them Ssob and Carp. Yes, clever anagrams that totally obscure any possible meaning. Yes, weird names. Apparently their moms didn’t like them.

One said to the other, “You know what? We should form a company. Together I bet we should be able to make money.” They agreed that sounded like a pretty good idea.

Ssob said, “It won’t work if we are equal, though. Too many tie votes. Nothing will get ever done. What we need is a person who can break all ties. I’ll be that person. My votes will be worth 80 percent and yours will be worth 20.”

Carp’s eyes narrowed and he warily glanced at Ssob. Things were already starting to flow downhill and we all know what that means.
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What would your reality show be called? (via So anyway…)

Reality TV

Reality TV

I came across a blog today that asked the simple question: “What would your reality show be called?”

My first thought was, “Hey! Excellent idea for a blog post.” But my second thought was, “Yeah, what would it be called?”

And that’s when I decided to think hard and figure it out.

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