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Words Matter #comic


The Tuesday employee whiteboard

I added the blood…

Next week’s long range forecast

Found on today’s employee whiteboard…

I’m so proud of my contribution to this image. I added the blood. Woot!

The employee whiteboard

Recently I tweeted this: Found on the employee bulletin board: “Q. What is hell? A. 08/23/2010.” I think that says it all!

In the back room the employees have a white board. It was intended as a place to jot the date. Over time it has turned into a place for us to express our creativity. I wish I would have taken a picture of 08/23/2010. It was a beautiful thing. We all contributed. One person came up with the text. Then I added flames and a chicken on a spit. And so on. Any piece of temporary art now lost forever.

Yesterday’s Thursday whiteboard looked a little something like this. Oops. We forgot the date.

Would you like to play a game?

I’m gonna kick your ass!

With those fateful words another game night in the Abyss had begun! 🙂

Luck was on my side. I drew the lowest letter and thus earned the privilege of acting first. That means a double-word score on turn one, baby! Oh yeah!

I eagerly grabbed my seven tiles and began to arrange them on my tile holder. Uh, what the hell?!?!?!?


Every once in a while I forget the “universe” is out there watching my movements. Here was a little sign sent to remind me of my place. I tipped my hat in silent tribute to the universe. “Well played,” I said silently to myself. “Well played indeed.”

Today’s Challenge

Whoever comes up with the best scoring play from these tiles will win a cheese wheel made by the native peoples of Abyssia. Your play must be a legal word found in the Scrabble Player’s Dictionary. Good luck!