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New Year Resolutions

new-yearDid I mention I made some resolutions? Oops. I guess we can take “avoid being trendy” off the list.

Be that as it may, I thought I’d share. And here, in writing, is my bold claim: I literally guarantee I will make at least one of these come true. You can take that to the bank. Which one? Only time can tell.

  • Publish a novel
  • Watch every episode of Downton Abbey
  • CrossFit every day
  • Acquire one dozen “iMac with 5k Retina Display” and run them in parallel to update my blog
  • Be honored as Volunteer of the Year
  • Perform the song Uptown Funk on American Idol
  • High dive into the Ik Kil Yucatán cenote
  • Eat a donut

I’ll report back when I’ve accomplished one of these.

Space Donut asks, “Can you think?”

Space Kitten nibbled on our starboard bow. Repairs are under way, Captain!

When I find myself in times of trouble
Space Donut comes to me…

I wasn’t planning to go political again so soon, but like some, I’m unable to control myself. I think I need the internet version of political Depends. 🙂

When the Space Donut shows up that means it is time for political debate but this time there is a twist. Are you able to think? Reason critically?

The challenge for this posting is to debate logically and not rely on illogical fluff. An example of fluff might be something like this:

“Liberals are incapable of being consistent.”

Unless you have some sort of data supporting statements like that expect to be challenged.

Another thing to watch out for is logical red herrings:

Ignatz: “Apples are red.”
Clancy: “Damn you for hating oranges!”

Here’s a humble little suggestion for Clancy: Don’t assume you know Ignatz’ position on oranges. And if you don’t believe apples are red, perhaps you could provide some factual information that is on point and backs up your counterpoint. (Tip: This is called “rebuttal.”) “Ever hear about granny smith apples?”

It would be also be nice if we can operate with zero tolerance on ad hominem.

Can it be done? I don’t know, but I am going to fly my X-Wing through the hole in that donut at FULL THROTTLE if this doesn’t work.

My fate is in your hands.