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Fall Colors #photography

IMG_6272Last Saturday, to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, my wife and I loaded up the car and took her into the hills for a little photography trip. Thanks to my aunt’s GPS we know that the trip involved a couple of hours and a climb of 4,000 feet in elevation from home base to advanced base camp. We were a mile high.

The goal of the day was “fall colors” and they were out in full display. Unfortunately all of the best shots were only visible from the highway. If you found someplace to pull over suddenly the world got boring. The colors would apparently run and hide. Nice one, nature.

We had a very loose plan. After we arrived we were going to play it by ear. And we were also trying to stay ahead of the weather. After months of no rain, it was very stormy, but when we came out the other side it was actually a pretty nice day.

One of the gals spotted a sign that hinted about eagles and a park. We took off down the road which seemed extremely private and extremely unpaved. A few miles in we finally gave up and turned around. Later, once we were back home, a check of the internet revealed that if we had keep going a little farther it would have been a nice spot to see bald eagles. Oh darn.
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Pine Near Whoa Man: Vegetarian Cowboy Pizza

When you go vegetarian there is a surprising truth that awaits that takes you totally by surprise: Cheese instantly becomes the most important lover in your life.

No longer do you ask the question, “What’s for dinner?”
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Reincarnation comes around full circle

ReincarnationRecently I spent some time pondering the idea that we might choose our own parents.

That led me to consider the concept of reincarnation.

The exploration of which led me to a surprising destination which, I had to laugh, because it didn’t surprise me too much. Let’s just say that my curiosity led me full circle to a satisfying conclusion. If you ponder very carefully, you might even find a humble connection back to this very blog. Prepare to open your mind to great mysteries and wonder!

So, for advanced Abyss studies, I will link you to a bit of cowboy poetry. (I’m not republishing the content here on my blog out of respect for the author’s copyright.) I urge you to read the entire poem (it’s not that long) and then consider what you have learned about reincarnation and my blog.

by Wallace McRae

Click here to read the poem

What goes around comes around. Enjoy, pardner!