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Priced as marked

price“This post doesn’t have a price tag? It must beĀ free, right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

In response, the Abyssian customer service associate doesn’t lose his shit and calmly points at the the wall. “Clearly you did not see our sign.” It reads:

“The next customer to crack the ‘it must be free’ joke on an unmarked item will be stabbed in the eye. Thank you for shopping Abyss Inc.”
–Our humorous sign (patent pending)

And no, this post is not free. By reading this far, per our implied EULA buried on some other page you’ve never visited, you already owe me $2.99. I’d immediately quit reading if I were you.
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Who put the MF in Global?

MF Global adI love things hidden in plain sight and double meanings. They give me a merry tickle. Well, most of the time.

I don’t know anything about investing, but if anyone had ever approached me with an “opportunity” to invest at a company named MF Global I’d probably respond by kicking them in the nards. Opportunity, indeed!

“Mother Fucker Global?” I’d most likely say. Whomp! Nards.

Now that’s a portfolio that holds my interest.
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