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Feeling blogged down

If I'm involved then that is an extreme overvaluation.

I love you bloggers, yo! ❤

In fact, a little too much. When I see a blog I like, I do not hesitate to pound the “Subscribe” function. I make absolutely no effort to restrain myself in any way. Me likey, me clicky.

And therein lies the problem.

I’m on blogger overload!

Call me obsessed. Say I have the blogger version of OCD. I don’t know what to do!

First, I don’t have a lot of free time in my average day. Second, I am attempting to keep up with more blogs than I can even read. How in the name of Zeus’ butthole am I going to comment on them, too?

One thing I really love doing is commenting on blogs other than my own. Seriously, I get a lot of enjoyment from that. And because I’m all blogged down, that has suffered. A lot.

I sincerely apologize. Lately I’ve been a very bad bloggy friend.

Curious about the numbers, I went and took a look. According to WordPress I currently subscribe to 52 blogs. (That wasn’t easy to figure out, either, since the Manage my Subscriptions function doesn’t count them for me.) Wow!

The goal I set for myself was to comment on most of your posts, especially the ones I found most interesting. I also review Freshly Pressed daily. And, somehow, I have impulsively made a commitment to post on my own blog … every … single … day.

I’m doomed!

So now I’m realizing that I can’t follow every WordPress blog.

Please know that if I haven’t commented on your blog for a little while it is nothing personal. I still love you. I just gotta figure out a way to get a handle on things before I blog myself up. Is there a self-help group for this sort of thing? 🙂

WordPress tagging

What do you know about WordPress tags?

Do you use them? Give them any thought at all? Do you ever go exploring blogs by tag?

No great insights here. I haven’t studied them that much yet. But I did notice that recently I was #1 for the poop tag. Still am! I have to admit that made me very happy. There is nothing inherently “negative” about poop but somehow it became a fixture around here. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you know if you have the “tag cloud” enabled on your blog, clicking a tag link there will show posts with that tag from your blog only? But that if you click the tag in the post’s header (or footer, depending on the theme) it will take you, instead, to the page for all WordPress blogs with that tag? It’s pretty neat.

I’m still not sure how to tweak my tags for maximum results. Should I use the plural version of the word, the non-plural version or both? I do know that as far as WordPress is concerns the plural and non-plural versions of the same tag are treated as two different things.

What else have you learned? What is your experience? Got any funny stories? Maybe you’ve been #1 for a tag a lot? Or maybe you have questions about tags, too? If so, let me know.

Tags a lot!

Note: I know this is a super-lame post. I waiting too long and gave myself about four minutes to write it. Epic fail!

Edit: By the way, I just noticed this is my 500th post. I guess that puts me knee deep in the hoopla!


Thank you, Teri!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, mainly an overabundance of niceness, I have won another award. I sincerely apologize for this. 🙂

The panda award for Super Comments was given to me by Teri over at Teri’s Blip in the Universe. Thanks, Teri! Do you think we should start a donation button to get her head examined? 🙂

My reward for winning this prize is that I get to torment you, my unwitting victims. This torment will deliciously take the form of ten questions that start now.

There will be no escape for you this time!

1. Why do you blog?

Honestly, I have to say it is pure narcissism. I get accused of that often. I mean, what’s so wrong about running around yelling, “look at me, look at me!” all the time? If you find me genuinely interesting, that’s great. If not, I’ll take that, too. Perhaps you look because of the exact same instinct that causes people to look at train wrecks. Perhaps I’m too pathetic and disgusting to look away. Whatever. I’ll take it. Whatever dysfunction that brought you here, just remember to keep your eye on the ball.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I’m too fascinating and humorous to keep quiet, you know? That would be deprivation on a planetary scale.

My mission (if you’ll allow usage of that outrageous word) is to bring negativity to the masses. As a guru, I am driven to help harness that powerful force for the benefit of all.

In the Real World I successfully gained readership and that was satisfying for a while. I began to wonder, though, if I could do it again relying solely on my skills with a lightsaber the written word. To do it while remaining completely and utterly anonymous. It has been, in some ways, much more challenging. Yet each success is much more thrilling.

And, I’ll be honest. I’ve met some truly wonderful people that I cherish. That was unexpected. Don’t worry about the mushiness of this paragraph. You won’t remember it later (after seeing a flash of light) and my reputation will remain unblemished.

2. What was your favorite age to be and why?

No surprises here, really. Jurassic wins this category, hands down. That’s when dinosaurs were dinosaurs and men were merely hairy. No other age stands a chance. Well, maybe Bronze. That was a pretty cool age, too. The hell with Industrial, though. I’m still mad about that one.

One second. I’ve just been informed that I may have misunderstood this question. Doubtful, but for the purists out there, please allow me the luxury of a bit of a revision here.

Damn hard question, actually. I’d have to say 18. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In the best column I guess I’d have to say that learning my sexual orientation really ranks up there. I’d also just gotten out of basic training in the U.S. Army and I was a lean, mean, fighting machine and I had been given the skills and training to kill with my bare hands by Uncle Sam. I didn’t realize it at the time but those were some of the best days of my life. The only real negative of that same age was having my heart ripped out, folded, spindled and mutilated. Like I said, the best and worst of times.

3. What’s your favorite sport to play?

Yours truly when vacationing in Azeroth a long, long time ago.

Ah. An easy one. That’s the Rogue for sure. You know what they say, right? Rogues do it from behind!

There’s a picture of me to the left. I even have a kitty cat on my guild tabard!

Just think about it. They get stealth. They can use poison. They can inflict some hella DPS. They can also detect traps, pick locks and open boxes.

My first character was a priest, an evil one of course, and I made a lot of great memories with him. He’ll always have a special place in my heart.

My Blood Elf death knight was also fun, too. I maxed him out in Engineering and could even make the Mechano-hog, something I only got to do a single time. I also made him a flying carpet which freaked people out a bit. You know, that’s rather unusual for a death knight. 🙂

Yes, I know. I’m playing fast and loose with my definition of the word “sport.” Deal with it.

4. What’s your favorite sport to watch, and who’s your favorite team?

As I get older I find myself caring less and less about two things in particular: sports and fiction. And yes, I have lumped them together quite intentionally.

When I cared, I had a penchant for two loser teams, both from San Diego. The Chargers and The Padres. The Chargers made it to the Super Bowl once and sucked badly. The Padres made it to the World Series twice where they won a grand total of one game. Ever. (Also known as sucking badly.) Both teams have no real commitment to winning. Yet they are my teams. I mainly remember the glory days of yesteryear and would be hard-pressed to name anyone currently on either roster.

My growing disdain for sports and fiction is the subject of a future blog post that is planned, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

5. If you could pick your perfect career (and money doesn’t matter/the kids are out of the house) what would it be?

Kids out of the house? Wow. Speaking of fiction… 🙂

As someone who hates his job and bitches about it to anyone who will listen, this is a very important question.

My dream was to buy my grandparent’s property and keep the place in the Taker name. I was going to convert the old barn into a state of the art data center and my own personal creative space where I would do computer stuff. Outside it would still look like an old barn, and every morning I’d “commute” to work by walking down the gravel road by the electric fence. Inside it would be all James Bond and shit. I’d write computer programs, work on web sites and do a bit of writing, among other things.

Of course, none of that is ever going to happen.

At this point I’d settle for a full-time salaried webmaster job that paid about double what I make now, with full medical insurance, and four weeks paid vacation. This package is also informally known as “what I fucking had back in the year 2000.” I’m not greedy.

I’d also love to somehow be “self-employed” by being creative and do the bloggin’ thing. That would be the bomb. If I can grow my traffic by about one million percent I should be all set. 🙂

7. Do you ever feel guilty for blogging?

For me, blogging is an extension of “computing.” My day job is “computing” and my hobby has always been “computing.” Yes, after a full day of work and being on the computer I love to get home and  get right back on it. Some folks tell me this is a sickness. Writing and blogging, however, are different kinds of computing. And I have been weaning my RL writing while expanding the time that I blog. So as a time suck it has all remained remarkably consistent. But yes, sometimes I do feel a bit guilty. I have made the commitment to try to blog something creative every single day and that takes a remarkable amount of time and energy.

7. What is your favorite holiday?

As a guru of negativity, holidays are, by their very definition, the bane of my existence. They literally can kill me. Literally. As in dead, dead, dead. We hates them, we do! Yesssssssss!

8. What’s your favorite kind of music?

This is an area where there has been an interesting metamorphosis over the years. First it was 80’s glam rock, such as Styx and Queen. Then a lot of rock and roll. Then I went through a protracted country and western phase that persists to this day. Old school stuff like Randy Travis, Ricky Skaggs, Ronnie Milsap, etc. But as I’ve aged I’ve grown into death metal and alternative in a big way. Type O Negative, Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, Disturbed, The Offspring, etc. The harder and sicker the better. It is precious to us, yesssssss!

9. Do you consider yourself a good driver or bad driver?

I am, by far, an exceedingly excellent driver. And that’s not just a lot of bullshit. A lot of people say they are good drivers but are totally out of touch with reality and are totally full of shit. In my case it is absolutely true. My gifts as they pertain to driving are an almost scary 360 degree sense of total awareness and that I’m technically proficient. Well, all that and the simple fact that when I drive I actually pay attention to what I’m doing. Driving is a frequent topic here on the blog, to say the least. Most people probably don’t know I used to be a professional driver. Tractor-trailers AKA semis AKA 18-wheelers. I was also a certified instructor in a defensive driving course. I do have some humility when it comes to driving, though. I’m well aware that my biggest weakness is my temper.

10. What’s the farthest away place you have visited?

I’m going to have to take the cheap way out on this one. I crave anonymity on my blog and simply revealing where I haven’t been might provide a clue to where I normally hang out. I can say this much, however: Earth is, by far, the farthest I’ve ever been from home. And I deeply, deeply want to return to my home. For me, Earth is the “Wrong Planet.”

Passing on the Panda

It is now incumbent on me to pass along this humble award. I will do so poste haste, but, methinks, not quite yet. Before that will happen there will be a brief period, lasting no more than several years or so, where you may all attempt to curry favor by demonstrating your commenting skills. Be prodigious and your efforts just might pay off.

Good luck!

Stranger in a strange comment land

Commenter danger

One thing is clear: I write. Badly. Let’s face it – some people have a way with words and some people — well — not have way.

The pen is mightier than the sword, or in this case, the written word. And my sword is dull. I live and die on the ability to edit.

On my own blog this works fairly well. I can go back and edit and re-edit and re-edit again until I’ve cleaned up about 10 percent of the most glaring errors. Then the post is deemed good-to-go. Yes, I have my standards.

On my own blog I am the King. I wield godlike powers over what I have written. I edit with a ruthlessness all my own. I hack and slash words like there is no tomorrow. I correct the spelling of words that got past me and my built-in spellchecker. I fix words that my spellchecker recommended in error that I foolishly accepted. I fix words that even though quite badly misspelled somehow matched something valid in the dictionary. (Keyboard monkey alert!) And finally I go back and read third time with my “reader’s hat” and trim away any unneeded fluffy words. (This step is pure fiction. I never actually trim out any fluffy words. They are all my babies, little bundles of joy that I have birthed. I’m not about to take them out.)

On the other hand, sometimes I venture out onto other people’s blogs…

There I am rendered a stark naked shadow of my former self, all my powers stripped away, left impotent and helpless.

If I make a mistake on a comment, well that is just too damn bad. I’ll have to eat it for all eternity. (Or until the next database glitch, whichever comes first.)

Maybe I decide to share about my stress level and manually type into someone’s WordPress comment field: “Please don’t write to me for the next couple of days. I’m extremely busty right now.” Oops. My bad. Too late. I already clicked the dreaded “Submit Comment” button.

So I have a suggestion for the good folks at WordPress that will fix this once and for all. Give each blog administrator the option to allow editing of comments. Those who don’t want to enable the option, fine. Things will remain exactly as they stand today.

So why not allow comments to be edited? What’s the case against this? Well, for one thing it allows “take backs.” It represents a loss of control for the blog owner. For another, once comments have been saved and replied to, a sneaky person could return and edit their original comment to make the following replies look like they came from a bunch of dumb asses. Nobody wants that, right? (I’m trying to look innocent here.)

For the rest of us, however, a workable solution could go a little something like this:

  • The blog owner would enable “Allow users to edit comments.”
  • Commenters would be allowed to revise and edit their own comments as they wished. Each edit would provide an explanation field that could be used to alert the blog owner as to exactly why the edit had been requested.
  • Any edits would be saved to an “edit moderation queue.”
  • The blog owner would review all edits in a preview mode that showed the original comment (unaltered) and the requested edit side-by-side, with all differences highlighted in color. (Much like the way the edit history function works on Wikipedia.)
  • The blog owner would then approve or deny all requests as they see fit.

I think this would be a fantastic solution and would allow people to fix their own mistakes like obvious typos, broken URLs, etc.

Think about it, WordPress, will ya?

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Commentus interruptus

Grandma used to ask if I broke my arm

What’s fun about blogging? And why do I do it?

Let’s be honest. A big reason is feeding ye olde ego. I’m not going to lie about this, I gotta keep it real, yo. I found out recently I may have a streak of narcissism within me. I guess I’m part show-off. Who knew? 🙂

Another piece of the fun has got to include watching the stats, too. Or, as the good folks at WordPress put it, “obsessing.” If you check your stats several times a day on a regular basis you just might be obsessing.

Speaking of stats: last week was this blog’s fourth best week ever. And, in terms of traffic, March 2010 is officially my most successful month to date. And the abyss is about to hit the only kind of 10k I’ll ever personally experience.

OK, enough obsessing. What I really want to talk about today is the funnest thing about blogging:

Meeting and getting to know my fellow bloggers!

Yep. That’s it. I’d rather read what y’all have to say than most anything else on the net. You bunch of monkeys at keyboards. (More on that later. Heh.)

I just counted and I subscribe to 61 of your blogs. Wow! And I use my “blog surfer” function constantly. That means if you write it, I’m going to read it. And that is a lot of fun.

Unlike other media, though, like newspapers, TV and radio, I’m not limited to a read-only mode. If I’m moved by what I read I can leave a comment and in the vast majority of cases the actual blogger will respond. I mean, seriously, can it get any more exciting than that?

As for as blogging is concerned I believe that “comments” are the coin of the realm. They are generally fun to receive (especially if they are on-topic and don’t attempt to disembowel me – hint hint) but they are even more fun to give. I guess one of those old adages about giving and receiving and stuff like that might even be true.

Even though I’ve made a commitment to blog every damn day – even if it kills me – giving out those comments is just as important to me. And lately I’ve been sucking at my comment production, mainly because of time constraints. My writing time has been diminished the last week fews, and of course, there is also the ongoing work on my novel. I’m up to three sentences now!

So if you’ve noticed a reducing in my comment output of late, I sincerely apologize for that. Please know it is not intentional. I have not dropped anyone from my reading list. I’m still read every delicious word you write. Unfortunately, for you anyway, just like the Terminator, I will be back. And then you’ll just have to live with it. Mwuhahah!


Something odd has happened. Two nights ago this humble little blog hit the 1,000 comments mark. I think it is somewhat fitting that Jane at the They Call Me Jane blog made the 1k comment since I first heard about this milestone from her. She recently did a blog post about her 1,000th comment, too. Of course, she reached that milestone in less than 100 posts. It took me about 213!  If we do the math on that (and I do love math) it should be obvious that her rate of comments per post is about twice as much as mine. I guess that means I’m half the man she is, or something like that. 🙂

1,000 comments is something of a misnomer, though, since WordPress includes my comments in that total, too. Oh bother.

I started this blog for reasons unknown back in September 2009. I have to say the very best part has been getting to know some fellow WordPress bloggers. Reading the news is nice, but it gets monotonous and has an element of “sameness” to it. Hitting the “Blog Surfer” function and finding out what regular people have to say is far more exciting. It’s something I look forward to every single day.

So I’d like to give some quick shouts to some people who were notable in helping me reach this little 1k milestone and are also some of my favorite real blogs to visit (presented in no particular order):

If I left anyone off the list, I’m sorry. Don’t worry, I love you, too. 🙂

Midday post of miscellany

Just some random what nots:

  • The last day I missed a post was Monday, October 5, 2009. That means it is now 113 days of consecutive blogging and counting! Eat that, NaBloPoMo.
  • The blog is now eight comments away from the “1,000 comments” achievement. Who will be the one to pop my 1k cherry?
  • Last night Mrs. Abyss laughed her ass off. Longer and harder than any time I can think of in recent memory. (Too bad for her she has a cold and a little rattle in her chest and all that laughter choked her good!) She came home from work and found that I had purchased haircut clippers and had buzzed my head good. I figured it would be a good cost-cutting move since haircuts cost me $22 each and the clippers were a one-time investment of only $10.50.
  • In my latest move of craziness I decided to forgo the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine this morning and I walked my ass to work. (It’s only two miles.) There is something exhilarating about getting from point A to point B under your own head of steam. The trick now is to see how long I can keep this up and what effect it might have on me. Thanks to the WordPress “schedule post” feature I’ll still be able to blog while I’m hoofin’ it across town later this afternoon.
  • There have been four cans of energy drinks in our fridge during the last 24 hours. The gerbil herd may be getting ready to stampede. Our scientists are carefully observing – from a safe distance.

Have a great day, all!